You may wish to look for sqlnet. Select Advanced and fill out the DBName box. AQT is packed full of features. Yes, some came from batch, but most were entered manually. All Oracle products and AQT will then use this tnsnames.

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Select tab Machine Data Source then select your database. Why have multiple tools, when one can do it all? For information on how to configure a connection to your database, see Configuring a Database Connection. When you display a table in AQT, AQT will automatically exclude the user-defined columns from the table display and replace them with the literal ” user-defined type, not displayed “.

In use since and with tens of thousands of licenses sold in over 70 countries, AQT is a solidly proven product. If you try this you may get a message ORA string literal too long.

AQT – Advanced query tool – database query tool for DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL

If you are lucky you qat get an informative error message, however this is often not the case. Signing onto a database is a surprisingly complicated subject — see More info on Database Sign-on for a fuller explanation. This runs a cancel task in a separate thread, which allows an active query or update to be cancelled. AQT has a simple clean and intuitive interface.

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In many cases this is a more suitable option orqcle Prompted Sign-on. When inserting into CLOBs, you cannot insert a literal which is more than bytes long. By default, AQT will be installed into C: The resolution to this problem is to install AQT into a directory that doesn’t have a bracket in the name. Phil has solved some pretty difficult problems, above and beyond support you will find anywhere. This is described below. No other product has AQT’s degree of multi-database support.

An alternative is to change the query used query 63 in the oracle. Working with optimizing my database and I have a problem when trying to edit a table where the employee id is already assigned as a unique index but not a primary key which is what I want.

You can get this message if you are running aq join which uses ansi join syntax Left Outer Joinbut your database does not support this syntax for joins. One tool, one price, for all your databases. If you oraclee having problems connecting to your Oracle database, then you should follow the following steps for diagnosing this:. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Thanks for the answer, but there are no existing primary keys, only an index, and trying to remove it yields aqg error: In earlier zqt of Windows, sqlnet.

Just for fun, I have history files going back 10 yrs. If you do not have this privilege, the Body Text will display as blank.

Configuring a Database Connection

AQT cannot display any columns defined with a user-defined data type. Sign up using Email and Password.

Yes, some came from batch, but most were entered manually. Sign up using Facebook. Feature Rich AQT is packed full of features. There are two circumventions to this problem:.

Some think both the product and support are a 10 well they are wrong – it’s easily a 15!!! To view environment variables, odacle a Windows command window and enter SET.