Here is the output I got for my laptop: The tiny box will disappear and the key will be recorded. The Wireless is disabled hard-blocked despite a correct driver being loaded for it. I’ve tried updating the BIOS and restoring default settings, but that doesn’t work either. I have a problem with watching video using firefox.

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Yours just shows a soft block so rfkill unblock wifi or using the FN combo should enable it.

Does it not see it at all? The driver still doesn’t show when I run lsmod grep -e ath9k -e asus. Took out battery, charger etc and let it cool down.

The random disconnects still occur but seem to be less frequent.

It is a pretty common mistake and if you forgot or don’t know you have one, you could be looking for a solution to a simple problem for a long time. Obviously, there is an acer module loaded: For example, “F3” key as n73sg remains mostly unused. Tried this and gave it some time. Is there a module name in front of it? Hello again, And then I mean the part “setting a hot key ” Greetings. I have a AsusSonicMaster with a just installed Ubuntu Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes sifi prior notice.


Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Anyway thanks for your prompt reply!! After completing the process described in 1, my laptop finally started to recognize my bluetooth mouse a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse.

[SOLVED] Fix : Asus WiFi Disabled (Hard-blocked), Fn+F2 won’t work [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I’ve tried updating the BIOS and restoring default settings, but that doesn’t work either. This workaround works just fine on my Asus RC. Hope you will enjoy your OS now, as well as the forums here.

However for some reason, this only toggles the soft block. So here’s a fix n7s3v that: The wapf parameter is about getting the rfkill code to do the right thing.

N73SV-XC1 wifi problems

There is no need to go further in that area, or, as we say in the US south, don’t fix what ain’t broke. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

As suggested, I added myself to the affected list. We look forward to your report. BJA Using Linux mint The trick for the key does not work.


Many other users eifi that, after finding the correct parameter for their laptop, F2 works as expected. Hey just wanted to add to this thread, this fix worked like a charm for my KUW. Suspending Ubuntu helped and the workaround permanently fixed it!

This wsus helped for me. Thank you so much! I’m not sure which option would be best in this case. But in System Settings: