Noah Hathaway as Atreyu. He finds the NeverEnding Story book and is surprised to see his son’s exploits unfolded on the page. The complete, uncut song “Bastian’s Happy Flight” from the movie: Apparentemente senza un motivo Coriandoli cerca di impedirglielo, e lui scappa prendendo il libro. Atreyu travels there with the help of a luckdragon, Falkor voiced by Alan Oppenheimer. This page was last edited on 23 February , at Canby’s criticism charged that parts of the film “sounded like ‘The Pre-Teenager’s Guide to Existentialism'”. Moroder scrisse assieme a Keith Forsey la canzone del titolo che venne interpretata da Limahl, leader del gruppo Kajagoogoo.

Bastian then sees Falkor flying away with Atreyu’s body. When Heimat Meets Hollywood: Falkor approaches the swamp and saves Atreyu from the Gmork, the German version has the more thrilling Doldinger music and shows one more shot of the Gmork about 2 seconds at the end who looks angry because he missed Atreyu. Bastian finds himself face to face with the Empress, who reveals that the Nothing has consumed all but one grain of sand from Fantasia. The Neverending Story may have cost a mint to produce, but the result is bargain-basement. The two rush back to the mall where all the Fantasians are being held captive by the Nasties. Falkor arrives, having found the Auryn, and rescues Atreyu. The German version shows that in eight shots and an 4 seconds extra line for Bastian who says he wish he could do it helping them , plus one shot of the Childlike Empress who briefly looks up to the left corner after a bang that scared her.

As Atreyu sets out, the Nothing summons Gmorka vicious and highly intelligent wolf -like creature, to kill Atreyu. The Nothing approaches unfinita Rockbiter looks worried, trees hit out in direction of the camera and in the US version Rockbiter just drives away with his bike then 7 seconds, probably taken from the material that showed Rockbiter arriving before. Nicole runs away and reveals to Bastian outside that her father was abusive and eventually divorced Jane.

As Atreyu’s lifeless body lies at the bottom of the cliff, Bastian is momentarily shaken by the events, but then shouts to Atreyu that he brought his death on himself. The Neverending Story – Ivory Tower. On one such occasion he escapes into a book shop where the old proprieter reveals an ancient story-book to him, which he is warned can be dangerous.

The US version has a short extra insert about 4 seconds that shows some kind of a sparkling point of light in the blue sea or sky? Fil, ha quindi seguito tutte le avventure del figlio nel libro incitandolo e sostenendolo.


La Storia Infinita – Atreyu si sveglia con Falcor

Start your free trial. Use the HTML atoria. Various extras, such as a minute documentary, music video, and galleries, are presented on the second disc. A sickly child-like empress Tami Stronach from a land called Fantasia is concerned about who will take over the land if she dies.

Dolby 70 mm 6-Track DTS 5. Everyone in the mall begins to turn to evil, including Mr. We don’t know how much longer we can withstand the nothing.

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Os 45 astros formaram o grupo USA for Africa. Bastian’s father slams on the brakes in his car and catches a glimpse of the Neverending Story as it falls open, seeing Bastian’s name in the movie’s book. The Auryn which Bastian carries around as a pendant is a representation of the ourobouros. Following Bastian as he discovers a book called “The Neverending Story” at his local book store, he takes it home out of pure curiousness put in his head by the book store owner.

I Am the Night. Bastian flees from his problems to an old bookstore, when after picking up the NeverEnding Story book, he hears the Childlike Empress tell him that he is needed to save Fantasia.

John Wesley Shipp plays Bastian’s father in the movie. Storiaa storia infinita 1 – Scheda.

Retrieved from ” https: Red Lats Super Reviewer. The US version has extra inserts with shots of some of the bizarre people of Phantasia. Directed by George T.

Perhaps in it was entertaining, but neither the acting nor the special effects were satisfactory. Fantasia’s ruler, the Childlike Empress, has fallen ill, and Atreyu is tasked to discover the cure, believing that once the Empress is well, the Nothing will no longer be a threat. Bastian arrives in Fantasia, where he is reunited with old friends Falkor and the gnomes Engywook and Urgl.

Goofs When we first see Gmork the wolf in his cave at around 5 minshis teeth are close together and short but when we see him talk to Atreyu at around 1h 12 minshis teeth are now further apart and longer. Thomas Hill as Mr.

The Neverending Story

This utterly enchanting, family treat of a film should leave you and yours wide-eyed with wonder. Meanwhile, Barney is out looking for his son, stoeia little help from the police or the bookstore owner, Mr.


Xayide appears and urges him to use his final wish to return home, but instead turns the tables on Xayide by wishing for her to have a heart. Init was reported that Warner Bros. When the book describes Morla, an embittered giant turtle, Bastian screams to himself at the horrific description, and continues reading to find that both Atreyu and Morla heard a scream.

Deep Roy as Teeny Weeny. Plus alternative takes for the German and US version of him picking up the book from the floor. He wakes on the shore of the abandoned ruins, where he meets Rock Biter, who laments the loss of his friends.

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Michael Edwards Super Reviewer. La storia infinita – Atreyu e Gmork e Bastian e l’Imperatrice. Criticisms Many fans of the original novel and the film of the same name have regarded this film as the weakest installment of its series. As Bastian continues reading oa realizes the book is talking specifically about him, he realizes that he has a name for the Empress but fears what the outcome might be.

Die unendliche Geschichte Paese: The US version jumps to another music storka when Atreyu received the Auryn and starts his quest still Doldinger music, but taken from a theme composed for an other sceneafter the different editing mentioned above the original music was too short and so a similar longer track was needed. The Kids Are Alright. Storyline Bastian Bux is having troubles at home: The German version slowly fades to the next scene and is about 3 seconds longer here than the US version which fades out a little earlier and to black instead.

Presto il remake della Storia Infinita BadTaste. Bastian locates Falkor and Junior. Inproducer Kathleen Kennedy said that problems securing the rights to the story may mean a second adaptation is “not meant to be.

Deep Roy as Teeny Weeny, a messenger soria on a racing snail. The theatrical trailer is the lone extra feature presented. Jane Seitz Effetti speciali: