Jun 5, 5. Home Forums Recent Posts. NJ local great, we can meet. The discussion thread on the is here! Wakarusa , Jun 5, I was able to get good tone out of it though, nice cleans with thick low end, nice non-overboosted mids but warm, but needed a little more highs.

I will put my Valveking up against any 1×12 combo double or triple in price. Wow guys thanks for the help To clarify the sound I am after: Nice review though dude, imagine how good your reviews would be if you had a nice ass tube amp. Find More Posts by ftwNJ. Would a 60W tube head with an ‘value’ cab, like above, work well together, or is that even possible? It has 4 effects, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, and a Phaser.

Do you already have an account? I made that amp work for me, not vice versa. We proposed some changes to the Emporiums. Ok, this is my first review so questions and constructive criticism are appreciated. Jun 5, 1. I bought it at a Guitar Center an hour away It almost makes it feel like a toy, how light weight it is. Yes, my password is: Or you can do what I did and work your ass off for hlaf-stack summers cleaning bathrooms and doing bitch work and drop almost 4K on gear.

Your name or email address: I just started my online search yesterday and felt pretty overwhelmed with prices and brands and kinda of settled on crate since what I had seem to be good enough for me. The crates that hagar and co. Definitley not celestions, or anything of the sort. MilesJun 5, It has 4 effects, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, and a Phaser. I think it is the worst feature on this amp.


This thing has a lot of feedback Anyone try these models? PbNation needs your help updating the Fields and Stores Listing.

I reviwe taken pictures using my blackberry, but the server is down so I cannot sell them. NJ local great, we can meet. On that budget, I’d recommend quality over quantity and suggest a smaller tube combo.

I purchased it a few months ago, and since then it has been used for a few practices and one show. One more amp line to consider is Traynor. JimmydeezJun 5, And if the PV Classic 30 or ValveKing aren’t quite your cup of tea, there are all kinds of gently used Fender combos in that price range.


Nice review though dude, imagine how good your reviews would be if you had a nice ass tube amp. Yeah I used to have an MG half stack. That was one of the most extensive reviews I’ve seen on here.

Jun 5, 8. Way to keep that shape knob down and have the flexwabe knob, not on 0. More than 25 years of award-winning engineering prowess led Crate to develop the remarkably responsive FlexWave Evolution 5. I may get backlash for this but think John Mayer. Ill update later this week with my purchase and opinions.



A nice crisp clean is needed again. I just keep it at 0 all the time. Find More Posts by ftwNJ. Not very loud for w Crap delay Crap tuner Both dist.

Lnkn Prk 13Jun 5, Now i know that the attack of the pick makes it sharper and stuff, but it won’t register as just one note. Home Forums Recent Posts. It really isn’t that loud for w, like some other people have said. Revieww FlexWaveH is the perfect stage guitar stack top for the pro or semi-pro gigging musician who needs driving power, multiple channels and built-in effects. Not because of its sound, but because of wear and tear and I have half stack GAS Let me get to the point: