Emir should have found out that Ece killed Feriha at the end of this series, but since it was cancelled we couldn’t see this part of the script. Anonymous January 22, at 1: If u don’t like anything that doesn’t mean you will insult it was really good. Yup I accepted the death and the tomb scene and the poem which describe thier eternal love is the ending. I did a very bad thing, can’t carry it anymore can’t cope with the pain I made gunes live G: Yours is a very new relationship, right? Michelle Polo June 3, at 5: Nuci Janela March 29, at 8:

For me AFK ends with feriha ‘death yet its Emir character who compel me to know about season 3. If we had seen Ece and Emir together, how they met and fell in love, we probably would have been very upset to see him with Feriha. See the answer above, please. Lida Valencia May 13, at 5: Next Series will not go? Better indeed if you ended up in episode I Totally agree they disrespect the AFK lovers and the fans too for me am ending from this serous after ferihas death I never watched the second season ever..


Johanna – Thanks, you did a great job posting the synopsis of the show. Aysha A March sum,ary, at 5: I watch I think it’s the Russina ending where the show ends with Feriha and Emir dancing and then cuts to happy scenes of them.

Emir’in Yolu

November 19, at 3: I’m trying to make you listen to me, not doing anything else G: But u only give the summary of only 8 episodes. Come on how can the makers completely ruin such a beautiful story!?? As I read several years ago on a FB page, yes, Ece killed Feriha, but the show Emir’s way was interrupted and they didn’t show this anymore.

BTW u did summay nice job. Anonymous March 10, at I beg you goo E: Plz give link of trailer of episode 9. By just reading it it came to my mind that the boy named emir which we know from AFK is not present in season 3. This seems so rediculous and funny to me. Anonymous March 21, at 8: Thanks for translating everything it is yilu to find the series wiyh subtitles.


Kara Sevda 73 Summary ENGLISH – EMIR VS KEMAL