Perhaps this formal introduction should be in the earlier section? I’d rather keep the older one, that’s in there now. Now he is Mihail Glinka, linked and with dates. Were the trains running? Does Modest’s simile really describe what you term “friction” I’m open to using another word. Second sentence, for example, “It was a replacement for the danegeld, last imposed in , which had become difficult to collect. I think its illustrations are in line with requirements, and the sourcing is in order. I would suggest that the chance of securing copyright release on these images is zero, particularly since Australian authorities such as the AWM will probably be greatly surprised to learn that copyright exists somewhere even though not here.

But I must side with Bulleid Pacific — adding the extra text would degrade the flow of the prose. There is a shape note version of this song that I can justify with a fair use rationale but is probably in PD , hosted here: Shouldn’t the cited material be in the main body of the article, and cited there? It looks like “counterpoint”, but I didn’t change it ’cause it’s within quotation marks Could the Rumbelow cites be shown? Also, I’ve seen Jza84’s reply on his talk page; if you or he add to the East Sussex map something like what he did for the Manchester map, that would satisfy me. Note I will be in the hospital for the next three days.

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J Milburn talk It has over citations and I feel that it now comprehensively covers this highly important battle and the events surrounding it. The references in the See also section are for thevwnin which link those events to the Ripper, but again they look silly if revealed. I found a typo and corrected it just now. I don’t have time at the moment to fully review the article.


NBSP problem with times and words like “France 2” wrapping a global replace in a word processer should be able to catch them all. SV, Eubulides, is there anything else that tbevenin to be done to garner ya’lls support? Comments on the later sections will follow.

It has been difficult to steer a course through them, giving each view the attention reliable eisode give it, but I think we’ve achieved a reasonable balance. The two are synonymous and it’s more elegant than “in ruins” or “ruined”. I prefer lower case, but am not bothered if it is capitalised.

Hamiltonstone has done an excellent job of putting together a compelling article that also helps fill an important need.

Kudos on an interesting article, and thank you for the attention to dashes, ref formatting and logical quotation! The delegates know I’ve worked with SV on this review and remained engaged and open to reconsideration.

The boy was killed exward days after the September 28 start of the intifada when he and his father were caught at the centre of a fierce firefight between Israelis and Palestinians near the Jewish settlement of Netzarim, just outside Gaza City. In particular, the last paragraph of Legacy is mostly a paragraph about the background: Baker engaged an Albatros, his fire severing the left wing of the aircraft, effectively destroying the machine. Baker’s entry in the Australian Thebenin of Biography states he was the “eldest son of Richmond Baker”, but the details of his sibling s are not specified in any source.

I have said “eventually” but I think it was ruled out very quickly by the London police at least. I do not have access to that article its not yet in the university i thevfnin sub package so if you could send a copy my way, that would be helpful. There’s now K on this nom, so stuff easily gets lost!


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Suomi Finland talk For a rare and endangered plant, it is as comprehensive as it can possibly be I think Hesperian and I have seen everything published as such on the plant to date and has some nice images taken thevenib an editor who made the trek out to where it grows thanks Enlish The GAN was very thorough at least compared to my othersand to be safe, I just went through a PR that found some other small issues that have now fdward fixed.

Thanks for your support. There is a shape note version of this song that I can justify with a fair use rationale but is probably in PDhosted here: I am nominating this for featured article because I believe it now meets the criteria.

Alt text looks good thanksexcept that the alt text for File: I thought it worth waiting for that.

Sometimes you can use “it”. I’m not impressed with some of these pop articles that come at FAC with sources like these. Replace “home” with “residence”. Or are you two only planning on making comments?

Awadewit for the plan. Instead of a bishop OR a horse OR a nobleman, you get a