One spot that is constant is the corner devoted to vintage nightgowns and lingerie, on the left-hand side of the street after you take the first left into the street. Lemons, oranges and tangerines—Oh my! He stands next to us fixing his shisha, dragging a few puffs to make sure the smoke is to his liking. There is no marble, no balcony and no colorful glass. Photographs from Egypt Egyptedantan. My experiences of living in and discovering Egypt. In the spring, every Wednesday and Thursday, local goodies will be sold as fresh as possible, and local Maadians turn up with their unwanted goods for you to peruse too.

The lime-colored door opens up to a worn marble staircase drizzled with crunchy tree leaves and an old rusty metal banister. As I started to walk back towards my car, my eyes fell on a deep red quilted fabric, which I just had to buy. How to Actually Buy. I tell him that to my knowledge, the French came to Egypt twice: Fish Gardens Zamalek When? The day is preferable so you can see the textiles clearer, and going mid-week will help you avoid much of the hustle and bustle of small cars carrying everything from socks to kitchen utensils zipping through the narrow alleyways. The kiosk is fixed between two doors; another lime-green iron door to its right that opens up to what used to be an apartment and now a storage room, and to its left an apartment.

Again, a shrewd eye is needed to rework these items into tops, skirts, or to use the lace hems to accessorise other items. Labels art 3 book 3 Cairo 20 celebrations 6 children 5 culture 6 food 30 fun 24 history 23 wekqlet 13 islam 17 Jordan 9 lisbon 8 madrid 7 monument 11 mosque 10 movies qekalet museum 2 news 14 pharaonic 9 photograph 3 recipe 4 religion 19 restaurant 19 school 4 Sharm-el-Sheikh 6 shop 16 syria 8 tourism 3 turkey 13 veil 4.

Once you ask the price and walk tilm, the shopkeeper will beckon you back with a tempting discount. The sheikh asks Fawzy what I am doing and starts yelling at me to stop taking pictures.


This is where seamstresses, costume designers and furniture upholsterers flock to for bargain deals wkealet linens, cottons, tulle and many other fabrics. To the right of the building there is a medium-sized warehouse with huge metal doors — which is also the dead end of this alley, El Gazayer Alley. Promising hand-picked, pre-loved furniture and home accessories, House of Vintage flings open its rustic doors in Dreamland this weekend. With years passing by, the market started selling other products.

Finally Fiilm ventured into the market. Posted by Manisha at 6: Never Buy From the First Vendor Even if you find something you like, you still have to check out more than one store, for two reasons; firstly, you may find something you like better at the second or third store — humans are indecisive by nature.

The lanes are peppered with numerous carts selling everything from scarves, undergarments, socks, shorts, and night pajamas. The latter is where Amm Ahmed resided as a child with three other families, one of which was a Balaj family, each living one family per room.

On every other Saturday, Zamalek may shower itself in the unique treats. This Saturday, Sheikh Zayed City will sell unwanted goods that may brighten up your rooms or mood.

A Walkabout Around Cairo’s Boulaq District

The kiosk is fixed between two doors; another lime-green iron door to its right that opens eel to what used to be an apartment and now a storage room, and to its left an apartment.

One map is ancient yellow, and the other seems more recent.

Is everything in your luggage worth 30K though? It is beautiful nevertheless, its most prominent features an open-air ceiling in the middle and consecutive arches supported with pillars.

Mosaad Fawzy, the helper, says that this is how old Rilm mosques used to be designed; women in the past would sit on the balcony if they wished to see the imam giving the Friday sermon. You can find materials that are both of good quality and decent prices.


They sell dantel, silk, satin and other embroidered textiles.

You men are in [ In what way am I related to Salah? Rows of car with drivers honking to get the car ahead moving, vendors selling koshary, koftas and soft drinks, head scarves displayed on push carts, high pitched voices of vendors hawking their wares, it sounded delicious! If I managed to get some good fabric in the bargain, even better.

فيلم وكالة البلح – Wekalet El Balah Movie

Start Early If you plan on going, the best time is early in the day, and preferably mid-week. Leaving the unappealing sight of the bars behind, I step inside the mosque. All this was enough to get me really curious, so one Thursday afternoon, I set off to Boulak armed with my camera, determined to see this historical market.

And a host of other European museum are set to be involved, too. We walk past all the three mosques on the way back, in the dark. Madam sure, madam wants to go?

The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

Some 15 people called the apartment home, sharing one bathroom and one kitchen, but with a privately owned waboor gaz golden kerosene cooker in each room. Inside it is round and cozy. We thank Khaled for his valuable input, take a right and then there it is down the street. Just before I leave that first Friday, Amm Ahmed starts to tell me bbalah three ancient, beautiful mosques in ballah area, which he insists are much bigger and more glorious than Al Hussein mosque in Khan El-Khalili.

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It has a beautiful dome and a relatively short minaret.