Gundejari gallantainde full movie youku Ishq English: Why would he hide on seeing me? How would l know without knowing you? Call all our old friends from school to college. Let’s settle with one. That’s why you went after her. How did you guess it?

At unexpected time at unexpected place, with most unexpected look, the love l saw in your eyes, l saw it in Shruthi’s eyes too. Okay sister, l’ll unite you both. Do you think it’s real? Do you think the love story with your boss is over? Purse is in pant pocket. You can’t beat my boss. Need to go home, don’t make noise.

Desires are taking over We’re married for a month only now. Mine is love, right?

Dear, last night l talked about him. Did you’ve a good glimpse, dad? Hey Raja, come inside.

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He’ll never believe it. You avoided me that day, are you secretly admiring my face today? You made the mistake and don’t try to blame one who helped you.


Show him the photo. Did you wear the dress l suggested? You mustn’t ask, you must know it. May l come with you how far it may be? How can l shift to you after loving her?

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You’re giving a killing performance. When left alone, l came to you like a new thrill Okay, come tonight, let’s have drinks and trap the girl. Seeing your beauty, my heart slipped and is lost He made a mistake, he noted wrong number. Thanks, now gundejadi and girl, both are mine. Just follow my instructions on Bluetooth. Did you scare her really?

Hang up the phone. Trying to accuse me. Can you do this job? Listening to words of people like me Do you think we’re lying for the balance money? Boss, the girl is here. Has it made you sleepless and devastated your heart?

How can l get pregnant in a month? You’re just a feet away from me She can do anything on that route.


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Why did you bring me to office? You’ll know if you fall. Everyone needs a life partner.