Read More Posted Jul 27, In the episode’s awe-inspiring climax, Dany gets her army, gets to keep all of her dragons, and gets to serve her revenge very hot against the cruel and condescending slaver. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policies , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Read More Posted Mar 23, Read More Posted Oct 3, The action sequences in “Sick” weren’t quite as prolonged or elaborate as what we got from the season premiere, but there was definitely a constant sense of tension. Conceptually, I think there might be something there Carrie grows up in one era of geo-politics but has to operate in another, a weird collage of images and sounds from the series suggesting her mental state , but none of it works together.

Some of Ned’s kids are in better circumstances than at the end of last season. We should know and care enough about the main characters that time spent on letting them talk and argue should be as compelling as the moments when the walkers are coming and the guns have come out. Brienne and Jaime are now prisoners of Robb’s bannermen, and what had been a purely antagonistic relationship becomes more complex. Arrow is a competently-made superhero drama with an appealing lead performance from Stephen Amell. I’ve been underwhelmed by a good chunk of the season so far, but tonight’s closing scene was so effective that I think I’m going to remember it far more strongly over the next two-plus months than I will a lot of the dull moments we got. I’m hoping things pick up soon, because this is two episodes like that in a row after a long break. In this case, it was the choice to have sex with Sgt. Season 1 TV,

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Maybe Gordon, Gansa and company will have to contort themselves a little to get the pieces back into place for the new season, but after how well they brought things home in the finale, they have earned a huge benefit of the doubt second time around. I have no idea how closely they wound up following what happened there. Read More Posted Oct 3, Though Esposito episod Burke are both excellent–and Kripke and Favreau stage a classic swashbuckling swordfight for Miles that’s easily the highlight of the first hour–far too much time is spent on the boring Charlie or annoying Danny teenagers.


Carrie knows Brody and his family so well from her time keeping them under illegal surveillance, and when all else fails she knows that Dana may be the last hope to save the day. Read More Posted Mar 27, episodee Carrie gets Dana to talk Brody out of killing a sepinwalll dozen important people and escalating the war between America and sason terrorists, but in a way where nobody, even Carrie, can realize what she did.

Log in with Facebook. This is a vehicle for Wilson, by Wilson, and it doesn’t serve her well in the slightest. Hitfix Posted Oct 11, Read full review. Right now, I’m just glad this part of the story is over. Season 7 TV, We should know and care enough about the main characters that time spent on letting them talk and argue should be as compelling as the moments when the walkers are coming and the guns have come out.

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Read More Posted Jan 8, Or was there a mole at all? Hitfix Posted Sep 24, Read full review. Through three seasons of Episoe of Thrones, the finales have often felt less of a conclusion to the year we’ve just watched than a preview of what’s to come.

Read More Posted Jul 30, Read More Posted Jul 29, The Last Resort pilot episode is far and away the best I watched for this fall season. What did everybody else think? Hitfix Posted Sep 28, Read full review. First of all, polygraphy is a far from exact science, and there are many ways to beat the machine — even if the machine is operated by character actor and celebrity Twitter wit James Urbaniak.


Hitfix Posted Oct 15, Read full review.

Is ‘Homeland’ better off when Carrie is stable or unstable?

They stuck the landing, ended this season satisfyingly, while plausibly setting things in motion for season 2. Hitfix Posted Oct 18, Read full review. The actors all get their moments to shine, even if their stories don’t always feel attached to one another.

Gabriel’s [Holloway] super powers are the thing meant to set the show apart, but the Intelligence writers frequently do a poor job of differentiating how he’s any different from someone wearing Google Glass. Read More Posted Sep 12, It was a transitional episode, but a largely effective one, particularly in detailing the physical and psychological torture Glenn and Maggie are under while captives of the Governor and Merle.

It mainly made me realize how little I care about the Governor, because I kept wishing the episode was taking place primarily outside the parley room.

Southland remains a show with too much going on. It’s a promising framework for a series, and the first two episodes of Copper work in fits and starts.

So much talent assembled in one place in the service of so little. How I Met Your Mother: