But Zanya manages to see the face of the person inside the armor. Ace of Study versus Chess Genius! Certain humans and monsters can become “buddies” with each other and play against other Buddyfighters through the card game Future Card Buddyfight. But they see a Hundred Demon possessing her. Kyoya Gaen sponsored, and chose the 8 best teams to Buddyfight in it, the “Gaen Cup” was announced after a meeting. Afterwards, at an airport, Gao and his friends bid farewell to Noboru, who sheds tears and subsequently leaves Japan. Tasuku is immediately ordered to head to Chou Nagoya, where the ceremony is held. Meanwhile, Ikazuchi sensed that Gao was coming and he waits there to devour him.

Treated as episodes for the whole series, the 76 skipped Future Card Buddyfight episodes remain undubbed. Meanwhile, Kyoya begins his plans to hunt for the “Ultimate Dragon”. After the bullies retreat, Gao and Drum reconcile. Back to the fight, Shosetsu makes a final attack with his buddy item – Immortal Sword, Durandal. For the next fight, the last of the Demon Generals, Shosetsu Kirisame, prepares for battle And the night before the match, Tasuku had visited Gao….

Tetsuya is defeating with shocking ease. Heavenly Crystal Dragon Aldo Athora”. Dubbing resumed from X’s first episode season 4 and has continued since. In order to make sure his victory, he steals Gaitos Vanishing Death Hole, before the fight.

Gao and Tasuku have tracked Invincble location!

In order to prep him, Gao goes under the wing of Genma to train both him and Bal to face off against Duel Jaeger, but will this training pay off?! Gao and Rouga face off in the final game of the 5-on-5 match. Ikazuchi craves Ziun, thjinking he will taste like Tenbu does, and sends Shid oto go claim him. Ace of Study versus Chess Genius! Gara also successfully threatens to blackmail Kyoya, if he doesn’t allow Gara to use Cho-Taiyo’s lab.


Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Mar 03, The next day, Baku tells Gao that his original deck has been stolen by that person he bumped into before: Dragon Knight, Vlad Dracula. Major Panic in Cho-Tokyo! Even though Tetsuya loses, Zanya ties up the score against Magoroku Shido. The team lands within Sengoku Academy and are challenged by several Sengoku students.

The Aibo Buddy Cup!! Casting a Spell with a Wish! During lunch, Gao gets help from Baku on building a deck to suit his playstyle.

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Meanwhile, Kyoya challenges Gaito and Abygale. Heim takes Baku and Kuguru as hostage and demands Gao hand him Tenbu. After much sacrifice, Zanya destroys Genma’s Duel Sieger to supposedly win the match. Journey of the Tiger!

After Galvanic Feather Dragon decides to join Tasuku and Jackknife, they safely return to Earth, where Tasuku congratulates Jin on his victory and apologizes to him. While battling Zanya, Shosetsu recalls the time when he first saw Rouga and was in awe of his power to bring card effects into reality.

He wishes to look for the friends that have gotten lost during his slumber. When Drum finds Ricky and asks for the truth, Ricky looked like he was hiding something. Eat or be Eaten?!


Can Gao defeat the onslaught of the New Black Dragons?! Tasuku tries to convince his fellow Buddy Police members that Rouga is the criminal Wolf, but everyone says there is not enough evidence to prove it.

Ikazuchi stands with all the true Omni lords in a fight for his world, his family, and his identity?! Rucy is impressed by Tetsuya’s devotion, and opens up to him at the park.

In addition to recommending Gao to join Seifukai although Gao declines his offerDoai says that he will be taking Genma’s place in the upcoming match against Team Kisaragi.

And the two mysterious people appeared as usual. After realizing what he really wants to do being like his adored Dragon KnightsNoboru launches a triple strike on Aooni and wins.

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If it’s to hunt Hundred Demons, he does not choose other plans. It looks cute but… is it really strong? Later Gao is reunited with his old friend Luckily Akatuski 22–5 also been trapped in the darkness barrier.

She then resolves her feelings and gives Gao a card that Yota left behind, which Gao decides to add to his deck. Morning Forum Episode 11 months ago. Ban goes to a deserted storehouse and smiles as he views the Hundred Demon card.