Other I didn’t find the answer to my problem in this FAQ. In this case the driver will substitute the parameters locally and use a normal “execute procedure” SQL call; however, this mode of execution is less efficient than an RPC. However, you can run any of the benchmarks yourself, the effort is minimal. Permission revoked by administrator. I have tested that the database is available and the code functions as expected with no errors in a local version of Eclipse. This developer page gives a lot more info https:

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You will have to use the instance property either append it to the URL or place it into the Net.sourceforge.jtds.jjdbc.driver you supply to getConnection instead of doing it the Microsoft way. Without the native SSO library installed you still have to provide the username and password because otherwise jTDS cannot determine user credentials.

The issue of java. So, for maximum compatibility, it is recommended that you use execute anytime you run queries returning more than one result even if the particular driver you are using allows you to do otherwise. I had the exact error when i tried to run the code in eclipse for the first time until i pointed eclipse to the location of the jtds.

The solution is to set the “TDS” property to “4.

As the server itself does not return an SQL state code, the SQLMessage class associates native error numbers with SQL state codes actually there’s a very comprehensive map net.sourceforge.jts.jdbc.driver ; SQL Server originated errors and warnings that are not found in this map are given a default code of ‘S’, respectively ”.


Driver” ; is present in the specified package structure.

Download jtds-1.2.5.jar : jtds « j « Jar File Download

I don’t understand how this is happening. This gives jTDS a 2x performance increase over the next fastest driver in some not so uncommon cases. The number of statements that are kept open simultaneously can be ajr with the maxStatements parameter; see the jTDS URL format for more information.

I am trying to use the jtds JDBC driver with name “net. James Winters Atlassian Team Jan 04, It is also recommended that you execute each batch in a transaction i. Still have a question?

Is there any commercial technical support available for jTDS? Also, please take a look at our ResultSet support page for some additional information and tips.

I have never faced such an issue before. When executing a stored procedure or any query, for that matter the response from the SQL Server is serialized net.sourceforrge.jtds.jdbc.driver the same order it is executed in: I didn’t find the answer to my problem in this FAQ.

Where to put jtds.jar JDBC driver jar file?

Adding the additional dependency to the pom. If you connect on Android project to Use 1. You can control the real batch size using the batchSize parameter; setting it to a non-zero value will break up batches into smaller pieces on execution, hopefully avoiding the problem. This is happening because you don’t have the driver’s JAR on the classpath. You could put your JAR there if you do not want to bundle it to a plugin as Jamie suggested. This is common if say you are querying a stored procedure that creates a temp table, runs updates against it and then returns the table as a result set.


If you fog help with any other jTDS-related issue, search the Help forum first and if you still don’t find anything, post a question. Auto-suggest helps you jjar narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. When calling a stored procedure that has output parameters, the driver has to call the procedure using a remote procedure call RPC.

For example, if you have a method that inserts a row into a table by creating a PreparedStatementusing it once and then closing it, your statement will be compiled only once for each Connectionno matter how many times you call that method. Perhaps the people who administer the server moved it. Stored procedures should be invoked using the special JDBC call escape syntax.

Solved: Where to put JDBC driver jar file?

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. These benchmarks are free fro download so we encourage you to do it and run them yourself.

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