Give it a try. I’m glad im not the only one that noticed that the Woldachi have gone down hill since first episode. And he looks so cool when he fights! Deok Heung, the coward that he is, laughs and leaves the room, leaving Gongmin to call after him in a final attempt to prevent the bloodshed. I loved how CY turned around to look at them, and there they were, all straight, pretending they weren’t laughing a second ago. It’s fictional, I know. Ahhhh but wait, you know this because you’ve watched the last ep right? He wordlessly takes a bowl from Dae-man and drinks.

I love the way she dresses him and informs him of her plans for the day, like a mundane married couple. Is anyone else ready for Flute Boy and Hot Hands to just evaporate forever? He wonders if Deok Heung believes that Eun-soo is from heaven. I have no idea how they are going to wrap this up in an hour, but I still have my fingers crossed that the ending includes Ki Chul in modern Seoul, treating his mental health issues with therapy and shopping. Love Ki Chul’s seething rage against the doctor. Seriously, can’t someone just tell him ‘she’s not from Heaven, she’s from the Future’ and still let him have his little boy hope for a miracle? Hwasuin flings one of her fiery bombs I always think of them as apples, heh , but Young slices at it and sends it exploding safely away from them. You noble, loyal fool!

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea: Faith 19 preview

I will wait to this evening to watch the final episode, hoping I get to have good thoughts as I retire to my repose for the night. Esp on the meaning of living.


Why do I get so wrapped up in these dramas slaps forehead. Him avoiding her bc he knows he is dirty and smells of blood – a point she made early on that clearly penetrated his human armor therefore it matters to him now.

She accuses him of being cowardly for stooping to such tactics, and challenges him to a fzith one-on-one fight.

Well, Ohlala couple and Full house two air on Mon-Tue and they’re both more entertaining than faith! At the Yuan embassy, Ki Chul is holding a meeting with Yuan officials and Yuan supporters in Goryeo, saying that Kadorams only has around two-thousand soldiers.

In fact, surprisingly I hated the ending of Arang And Ki Chul, God!

All I can think recapps that is that she was quite satisfied with whatever she had eaten! If he goes to her world, will he be cured? I wonder if DH actually planned for this sort of contingency. I musta played it 5 times in a row. Me too October 29, at Like in Back to the Future? And the sadness of Noguk’s question. Love the WooDalChi so much. LOL This man already threw her across his shoulder and carried her into the past, so I want to see him make another delivery like this too.

She had never ending tears. Ann October 29, at 9: Isn’t being from different times and everyone trying to kill them enough??

Recap: “Faith” Episode 21

Yeah, I think the problem is that they made them too invincible at the beginning, and so they could not use their powers that much or everyone would be dead. Did you hear me?

Thank you for the recap, it makes so many subtleties clear to my Non-Korean Mind. Lee Saek is saying that the people who want to dispatch the soldiers should stand on one side of the room and those who oppose on the other side- the majority will win.


I liked all the sweetness between them. Is it just me? Do you know what it means to fish? Oh my god, finally!

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea

Immediately in doctor mode, she intertwines their fingers and instructs him to pull. JJ October 24, at 3: And best wishes to all who are dealing with Hurricane Sandy. Janelle October 22, at 9: Lady asks if there is any more antidote samples left but Eun-soo says no.

No logical person would say yes to this. Notify me of new posts via email. I just want to talk briefly about the scene in which Eun Soo teaches Choi Young fighting, pinky promise and high-five. Download the latest version here.

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Not that I mind seeing Lee Min Ho kiss on-screen, because he sure can kiss I just finished the rfcaps and it was just so lovely. I’m a bit tired of good vs evil, so it’s nice to have him there. With all of this as his journey in life so far, he in his own way shut down and slept, and just functioned as needed to live.