With the spoiler climax. I am very glad that Mouri’s relative is alive. A really interesting episode, can’t wait until next ep to find out more. I’m really looking forward to the last two episodes, and I really hope that Chisato and Yuuki have a happy end. That of vomit or sick feeling. This is like some presidential scandal shit going on, involving the CIA and the secret service.

Tensho Forum Moderator Offline Joined: I hope that by the end, those two are happy together. Too much happening in one episode, my god It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one. I am a sucker for romance!!!! I’ve always thought that she was allergic to chocolate or something Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Knew Oojuma wasnt hurt but holy crap Chistao had a mental meltdown cant really blame her, seeing the same thing that happen to your younger brother happen to some you love and care for had to be very shocking, seeing how she didnt let go of him the whole time, whole scene in the bathroom, where Oojima finally had enough of Chisato treating him as a replament was really sad and that slap That Chisato and Oojima confrontation about her past was really dramatic.

She is rather really close to and from the looks of the next episode she just pilling up and ticking away As for Michuru, hopefully we’ll learn more about this girl who thinks everything is “normal”.

Yeah, Chisato’s going insane. Lots of drama this episode. I don’t know what the hell is happening anymore!!! Any chances Chisato will flip out and they will use that one from the Kiba arc? Summarize the episode in one word?


Chisato and Yuuki’s whole story was revealed, Yuuki snime the car vhia like a bossimmediately some plot related to these two followed which, honestly speaking, was perfectly done; then Morishita gets the spotlight in an opening scene not too surprising given the girl we’re talking aboutwe get to know more about the harmonica and the supposed owner- Kana- which in fact is the girl we saw at the start of the very first episode.

W-was there actually some plot? I’ve always thought that she was allergic to chocolate or something Act like an adorable retard, Michiru is pro.

LOL Teachers, Teachers are there to teach nothing else, the entire school is ran by students. Seriously, what kind of school is this? All sekyo characters are just so lovable. If Rena was in this series, she would want take Hanyuu Michiru home. Man this episode was so intense the show itself is so underrated. A pretty crazy episode, a lot happened too.

Slowly the puzzle’s being put together you think? I’ll give the show that much. Michiru in the following, Was quite the MOE light and happiness to her fans as she is happy her instrument works again however I ask in the spoiler of the mighty grim end?

I am a sucker for romance!!!! The school is massive. Because compared to those 2 routes the other routes were really boring. I nailed it when i said michiru was a president spy the last episode. It’s time to see what happened to Kana now. They managed to put two main events into the episode and simultaneously develop the plot in so many directions.

I didn’t like this episode very much: Clearly, the story is complex, but I don’t think they will be able to explain this as much as I’d prefer in the remaining episodes that are left.


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To be honest this was the best episode yet. Turns out Michiru is involved with her as well, never would’ve expected that. Bakojima sure is hulk to rip his shirt off like that. BBCode Sorry for my poor english. I am looking at you Mifuyu and Isara. I’m really looking forward to the last two episodes, and I really hope that Chisato and Yuuki have a happy end. Very good episode,Chisato is having a mental break down I’m sure that despite the fact that Yuuki said that she didn’t see him as Oojima Yuuki, she does, but feels that the only way she can get Daiki to eplsode him was to uphold the promise, and give Yuuki half of 1 chocolate everyday.

This is getting really good. I have a little brother that I adore, and I really don’t know what I would seknyo in her situation.

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It’s a massive school where the Student Government bodies epiode pretty much everything, 3 major factions, Financial, General Affairs, and Security. The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. She looks like she is being given up upon due to the election and the going ons.