Movies Octavia is a blind girl who is virtually a prisoner in a gothic mansion, kept there by her tyranical father. I thought this would be just a standard romcom with drama here and there. While they are at it, there’s still laughter packed. I’m still getting confused as to who’s who when they switch. The Class President lusts after likes Iori. Inaba things went by pretty quick compared to the manga which was more informative though I’m really looking forward to the Romance in this. It tells stories of the indigenous nomadic people of the. What is happening is just very sad.

Great mix of decent humor, drama and foreshadowing. Non-Harem Romance Comedy Anime? Flash Gordon – The Peril from Planet. It’s one of my favorite romance animes and really reminds me of Asuna and Kirito lol. Sweet Hearts Dance – YouTube This gentle comedy drama explores aspects of love and relationships by featuring two parallel tales, both occurring in the same Vermont town. Slowly getting their names down. The characters are all rather interesting so far, and I quite liked the glimpse into the more somber side of Nagase.

A guy name Harutora wants to spend his days living in peace with his best friend and the girl he likes Hokuto. None of them really contain ecchiness.

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This is getting really good. Inaba saying Ioro is my woman against the class president suggests she was aware of this, and she did it in Taichi’s body which makes it look like a declaration of war between the two. Who Is Joe Louis?

Online Shopping for Electronics. Taichi raising his hand right on switch was great XD. Long-married high school sweethearts Don Johnson, Susan Sarandon get itchy when their friends experience new love.

Kokoro Connect Episode 2 Discussion

Looks like this series will have potential. Damn it, that was soooooo gooooooood. Kokoro Connect is taking a darker turn. This detective fiction movie list can be sorted by cast, year, director and more. This show does seem to be a lot deeper in meaning than I had thought it was. Seeing Iori’s reaction when she found out about Taichi’s way of confirming he was in Iori’s body and that the class president was watching also seems to comnect she was aware of the class presidents feelings for her.


Flash Gordon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Flash Gordon: Sorry for the misspells. Starting to delve into more serious aspects of each others’ lives, and touching on the issue of identity.

A big brother who protects his little sister in the world of RPG. I have a neanime that she likes Taichi though. Comments 0 Trackbacks ; Mksap 16 free download – download torrents Video Movies: Octavia Trailer and Cast – Yahoo!

The Silvery Snowland Mt. This show is increasingly becoming more intriguing.

Your tastes are same as mine. Find The Living Matrix subtitles by selecting the correct language for your Movie release. But that in itself is wonderful Their is one girl with big breast however it’s actually the author making fun of “Big chest” and showing how ridiculous it really is when mentioned in anime. Goto” knows a lot more than he’s letting on. Could be interesting if done right, and easily a mess otherwise. Stuff is starting to pick up. Tho she doesn’t appear to have a disliking towards Taichi she does appear to have a major dislike towards Aoki can’t really blame her seeing his personality.

Also lol’d Inaba’s lying and brutal honesty skills. At the same time he makes a girlfriend and really respects her thats what i like about him.

There is no romance between any of the girls except the heroine. Will be interesting the direction this anime takes.


This episode was crazy and hilarious. The situations are fresh and hilarious – especially now with Nagase being fought over behind her back – between a liar and a lesbian no less. What i like most about this body changing story compared to other body changing story’s is the fact that it happens to a group not just to people. So I guess I can throw my presumptions out the window for now. The komoro is afraid of rape and is filled with Trauma because of past attempts but she slowly gets close to him.

Is Go-san family of Kyubey? I also get honestly tired of harem and overly size huge breast around a guy. Kaikki pelissa Dvd Download. This is getting so awesome. It was a great improvement I expect this to be more interesting episode by episode.

Non-Harem Romance Comedy Anime?

Sorry i just couldn’t help myself and had to link these must see. I doubt it’s a coincidence that she takes on such a prominent role in the ED. Oh, I episkde referring to Taichi dealing with the class president, but to Taichi dealing with having to “pretend” he is in love with Iori. Fast thinking on Inaba’s part as a way to help out her friend Iori. The main character is badass in his own weird way.

And the main character tries to help one by one to deal with their struggle. When an escaped convict seek refuge in the mansion. Posted on Thursday, 21 February at 9: