And I want a polarbeardog. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. She was 14 in Avatar: Also the creators outright stated that they wanted this to take place in Republic City only because we already had a globe trotting adventure with the last one. I think the whole Pro Bending thing will be an interesting framing device for Korra learning, and I really liked the extra insight into Air Bending. Lots of the light-hearted fun of the original series was the interaction between the characters so it’s a little disappointing that this time they only have Korra and her pet with most of her interactions being between her and unfriendly strangers. Well, obviously Aang wouldn’t have survived.

I do wonder where the new flying bison came from since Ang’s grandson called it by a name that wasn’t Appa I’m really bad with names okay and Appa was the only flying bison left. Aang had more than just one son and whether or not children are benders is similar to how gentics works in our world when it comes to to stuff like hair colour and eye colour. Pro Bending is like the coolest thing ever can we have it now please? This video is unavailable. Also I eagerly await for Korra to become fully skilled like Aang. I didn’t notice this before, but it turns out that episode 2 is also available and IMO its better than the first one. Well, they were on all day today at korranation. Come and download the legend of korra absolutely for free.

The Legend of Korra Podcast episodes free.

He could have been Korra’s Bumi. Let the fandom rise again!

We are so excited to let the most passionate Korra fanatics watch the premiere before anyone else. At this point, Toph realized that metal was only purified earth, just as Guru Pathik was explaining this to Aang many miles away at the Eastern Air Temple. While the setting and characters are all different, it still feels like Avatar. The Last Airbender recently, and finished the series. Amon has pictures of Mechs on his wall…. Wait, this is an Anime? Toph started to meditate in her cage until she was able to feel the vibrations of the trace amounts of earth in the metal.


This inability was first demonstrated by earthbender prisoners, taken captive by the Fire Nation, who were brought to a completely metal rig in the middle of the ocean to exploit this weakness.

The Legend of Korra S01E04 – The Voice in the Night

Acklow I am always tired. We don’t know for certain that Toph is dead, just that she’s no longer in charge of the metal-bending super police. Iroh and Korra grew angry upon hearing Kuvira.

You must login or signup first! Toph only escaped this cage by means of a ransom, and Aang was released when his cage fell to the ground, where Sokka and Katara broke it open. lehend

The Legend of Korra (Spoilers ITT)

At least I know it will be amazing. The original was good but I really like the direction they’re taking this one.

By using these remaining fragments, Toph used metalbending for the first timetearing a hole in her cage so that she could escape.

Though, I agree with the geenral consensus. I’m hoping this won’t set me up for disappointment, but if the writers are just as fantastic as they were before, I have a feeling that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m sure you can ov the video elsewhere, if you want I can PM you a link. Last edited Mar 23, at Oh yeah I saw this like 2 days ago. Metalbending is mostly used leggend subdue criminals by the Republic City police, who are led by Toph’s daughter, by bending metal cables from cylindrical spool devices on their backs.

I was only sad that the online streams aren’t very high quality because it really is a very good looking show. I was bummed I could only see the first one. Hopefully this one will be good as legebd. Everything else is lies! I can’t just leave out the setting of the whole series either.

The Legend of Korra. Like wow, what a scary villian for Korra to begin with 2. For those that don’t know, you can watch the 2nd episode too on http: He hadn’t completely korda all four elements by the end of the series but he had come pretty damn close. Let’s talk about this amazing show! I’ll have to see if I can’t find it later.


The Legend of Korra Season 1 Episode 4 The Voice in the Night – Dailymotion Video

I’d love to see if blood bending is mentioned again legenr. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! And even then, it will be an episode I’ve already seen.

First Prev 3 of 75 Go to page. The Legend of Korra Podcast. Take a moment to read the Introduction to Smogon for a run-down on everything Smogon. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. When I was a boy, my epiwode, Avatar Aang, told me the story of how he and his friends heroically ended the Hundred Year War.

It was a bit rushed, but I like where it’s all going for now.

The Legend of Korra

I’d like to think he ending up turning into a crazy old man like Boomi. The writing was phenomenal, and I enjoyed seeing the development that has happened in the last or so years.

The humour and action is all still there. If anyone else finds different links for each episode, shoot them to me in a message or reply and I’ll add them if one of the links goes down or isn’t available in a region tell me and I’ll modify the links. Makes me remember why liked this show so much! Pro-bending is probably the coolest fictional sport ever made.

Anybody else want to strangle that kid when she interrupted the story about Zuko’s mother. It’s such a great world, and I think it’s been updated in the best possible way.