Huw the colour of the cheese-sloped pieces is not the same as the one used in this summer’s Ninjago dragons, which is greenish and WILL glow in the dark! All pieces will be sent very securely packaged to help make sure it arrives as pictured! Aperture-priority AE Exposure Mode: I am not sure whether these are supposed to be ears or eyebrows, but they are serviceable as either. See Details on eBay Watch Contact. Are the cheese wedges glow in the dark? Vampos is constructed a little weirdly, but he has great parts. I presume the long appendages coming from either side of his head are ears or some kind of antennae.

This Mixel looks totally unlike any we have seen before with a gaping mouth and four irregularly sized legs. Perhaps even more interesting than his glow in the dark eyes are all those dark blue pieces which will be handy for building MOCs. Free shipping does not apply to international bidders. Reviews of the other two new tribes will follow later this week. Picked these and the Orbitons up at the weekend and I really like them. By larsnelson in United States, 03 Feb By Huw in United Kingdom, 04 Feb I am not keen on those exposed studs on either side of his body, but I like the parts selection which includes some different kinds of teeth and six light aqua cheese slopes, which appear with all three of the Glowkies.

I would buy another. Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

This BiN also includes Signature Confirmation! He looks very imposing with some dark blue wings and an enormous monocular eye. Lego Mixels Glowkies Max was released in Much more impressive than the individual builds! Like us on Facebook. There are many parts throughout all the Seris that would be useful for MOCs.

LEGO Mixels series 4 Glowkies, Orbitons, & Infernites MAX videos!

They are a glokwies and night-themed tribe, and have bioluminescence on their bodies, and their eyes. Are the cheese wedges glow in the dark? Globert was the first Series 4 Mixel revealed at San Diego Comic-Con inwhich is perhaps unsurprising since he is apparently the ultimate exhibitionist.


Thanks to Huw for his excellent photos. Ships on time with tracking, 0 problems with past sales.

By Exetrius in Netherlands, 04 Feb This is a simple little chap but he looks suitably menacing and, best of all, the 1×2 plate with three teeth is new in black. I value character and the parts selection above all else when looking at Mixels. This merchandise will be gpowkies within two Business Days weekdays and non-holidays after receiving PayPal payment.

This eye is his standout feature and it looks fantastic, particularly since the 4×4 parabolic reflector forming the iris glows in the dark! I might have to pick these up just for the parts selection. Ebay charges their own shipping charge for international shipping — we do NOT know what they will charge you because we only charge for the merchandise.

This video contain affiliate links, we’ll receive a small commission if you click on the product links. I’m not into Mixels, but I do like both glow-in-the-dark parts and the dark blue parts. But this sedated sports enthusiast from the nocturnal Glowkies tribe is capable of incredible bursts of energy. He obviously recalls the appearance and name of a vampire, an assessment supported by those enormous teeth!

Science experiment gone wrong? This also keeps our prices jax. This tribe stood out to me as the best of the bunch, including an attractive selection of useful dark blue pieces and three unique models, unlike any Mixels we have seen before.

By Lucina in United States, 04 Feb Does Not ApplyBrand: Globert is a luminous talent!

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However, the colour scheme is fantastic and the glow in the dark elements are always nice to have. I find similar results with every new wave of mixels – my kids love the characters and will play with them as soon as they are assembled by them or me, we generally grab a bag each and start building while I look for the parts selection and these are great for new parts – the new printed eye tiles and the modified plate with handles at both ends are both stand-out ,ax pieces so I think I’ll be back seriws multiples of Vampos and Globert.


Link to this photo large view: If you have any questions, please ask. It looks like it does but, like these slopes, it doesn’t. Although he looks great I think he is a bit lacking in character personally, glowkiee a result of that enormous staring eye, with which you cannot change his expression. I really like the color scheme I usually love glow in the darkbut I really don’t like any of the designs, it’s a shame.

It’s still a nice color, shame they aren’t glow in the dark. Whatever their purpose they look superb around his glow in the dark eye, which has a beanie hat on top to represent an eyelid. Please help support us by purchasing Lego sets at http: Install in Firefox Install in Chrome.

Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. His teeth look brilliant and I love the angled tooth components just above his eyes. New colours are always welcome, but even more so when they have so many potential applications. His eyes are glow in the dark, which is new for this piece and will be great for creating some creepy mas I’m sure.

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The slopes used on the Glowkies are Light Aqua. HK, i only realised they weren’t glow in the dark slopes when I charged up the big eye and they didn’t glow.