Although Gawain faced execution when he fought with a thug who was posing as Sir Oswald to kill Arthur, Arthur’s willingness to vouch for Gawain’s nobility of heart convinced Uther to lift the threat of execution to simple banishment, Gawain admitting to Merlin before his departure that Arthur wasn’t like other nobles, and commented to Gwen that he understood why she had turned him down after he heard her talking about Arthur. Although the Dragon returned when Merlin asked him how to cure Morgana after she sustained a fatal head injury, he made it clear that he disapproved of Merlin’s decision, informing Merlin that this ‘abuse’ of his power would not be without consequences and all the evil Morgana did in the future would be his own fault. Most notably, she did so as she tended to an unconscious Arthur in the Series 1 finale. She was quick to seek vengeance in her grief and had a strong sense of justice since she responded vehemently to what she saw as a crime on Arthur’s part. He also provided the book of legends to Merlin which gave Merlin the idea of the sword that could kill the undead Black Knight. During Morgana’s subsequent conquest of Camelot, Gwen feigned continued loyalty to her mistress in order to wait for an opportunity to assist Arthur, eventually managing to sneak Sir Leon out of Camelot so that the two of them could join Arthur and his small band of knights.

Shortly thereafter, Merlin then introduced Lancelot to Arthur, who, after a rocky beginning, eventually agreed to test Lancelot’s skills and consider him for a knighthood. Upon arriving at Camelot, Merlin is haunted by a voice and finds the source to be the Great Dragon. Grunhilda developed a ‘liking’ for Gaius, to his and Merlin’s disgust. Elyan takes over, allowing Merlin to take Arthur to safety. Before Arthur and Merlin left him, Merlin revealed that Gaius was one of the people under threat and that Merlin himself was Balinor’s son, and a short time later, Balinor rejoined the two, agreeing to help. After they had thrust him into the water of the Lake of Avalon, Aulfric urged his daughter to return, though he was forced to remain behind as penalty for his crime.

However, Annis has also shown herself to be reasonable, rational and wise. She sends him to Camelot hoping that he will be able to develop his magical talents, but he soon discovers that the use of sorcery there is expressly forbidden and punishable with death.

Although beast-Freya appeared calmer around Merlin, calming down simply from the sight of him even when surrounded by the knights, the wound Freya had sustained proved to be fatal, staying alive only long enough for Merlin to take her to the nearby lake.

agravine She became embarrassed however the following morning to find out that Arthur had heard what she had said. Whilst being a talented manservant, George’s social skills are less than polished. Three years later, Gawain and Percival led a garrison north to Ruadan’s castle. However, the spell cast begins to kill Merlin’s mother instead. After Uther is mortally wounded, Merlin decides to use magic as Dragoon to save him and prove to Arthur that it is not a force of evil, but his plan backfires avravaine Morgana merliin.


Arthur stages an attack to retake the castle, while a returning Lancelot aids Merlin agravainw breaking the enchantment with Excalibur, killing the immortal army. Arthur Pendragon portrayed by Bradley James was the king of Camelot and formerly the prince. They decided they would investigate Ruadan’s castle, but using Annis’ land approaching Ruadan from the West instead of the South.

Hunith is an old friend of Gaius, they met when he helped Merlin’s father escape from Uther’s clutches because he was a dragon lord, so she wrote to him asking him to take care of her son.

Arthur’s relationship with Gwen finally seemed to reach fruition in “Lancelot du Lac”, when he asked her to marry him. Gaius nobly decides to offer his life of her behalf.

However, it is assumed that he loved his wife, xerie she proved to love him back, with the grief for her husband’s death fueling her vengeance on Arthur over his death. When he dies Gwen becomes ruler of Camelot.

He is also the first knight to step forward at Arthur’s request for a fighting force against the Dragon. After Camelot was Uther’s again, Xerie trusted his four new knights and Leon merin every mission he went on. Merlin returns to Camelot, helping win a battle against an opposing army in league with Morgause. He led them and Merlin, who insisted on accompanying him, out into a field beyond Camelot to engage the dragon. The events of the fourth season, set a year later, began with Arthur as Camelot’s regent, aided by the council and especially his uncle, Agravaine, who was his mother’s brother.

It is implied that she will return in the synopsis of the episode “The Hunter’s Heart”. It is possible that Gaius died some years later as he was very old and tired. After having his chambers searched and evidence discovered, evidence that had, in fact, been planted by Merlin, Aredian panicked and took Morgana hostage in an attempt to get out of Camelot alive.

The fate of the real Catrina was left uncertain, although Uther stated in “Beauty and the Beast, Part One” that her city was devastated by invaders.

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Despite past problems and outside interference, their relationship continues to flourish. After he reached the chamber which this person was going, he saw Gaius, probably unconscious and above him, Agravaine. Merlin also befriends Lancelot, a peasant skilled in war.

Merlin trusts her and often enlists her help in various ventures, most notably in Lancelot ‘s quest to become a knight in “Lancelot”, hiding Arthur in “The Once and Future Queen” and in saving Gaius in “The Witchfinder”.

Hopelessly outnumbered, Merlin calls the Dragon who attacks Agravaine and his soldiers.

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Arthur offered Kara a reprieve from her death sentence at Merlin’s urging if she repented her crimes, but she was blinded by her beliefs and saw Arthur as no better than Uther. Once free from the Sidhe’s influence, Serke was still willing to go through with marrying Arthur, for the sake of her father’s wishes, but when Arthur asked if she was genuinely in love with him, she confirmed that she was not.


Finally Merlin and Arthur are able to free Gwen using a magic pool. Merlin put her body on a boat and gave her a Viking -like funeral, clearly mourning his inability to save her.

The spirit used Agravaind to try and avenge his death by killing Arthur. Arthur representing courage and Merlin magic, although the other two were naturally unaware of Merlin’s role in the quest – as they entered the Fisher King’s realm. Later he mysteriously returns to Camelot with news of a magical secret that threatens to change the landscape of the kingdom forever. In the premiere episode of the fourth series, “The Darkest Hour”, Lancelot still held his position as a knight and was one of those who accompanied Arthur in the quest to close the veil between the realms of the living and the dead, which had been torn open by Morgana in her quest for revenge against Camelot.

The “Queen of Hearts” episode is purely about Arthur’s love for Gwen. He has located the final part of a key to the tomb of Ashkanar, an ancient mausoleum which holds a very special treasure: He urged her to leave him behind while he fought them off and Gwen ran, though not before swearing to him that her feelings for him “would never fade”.

The aftermath of Morgana’s occupation left Uther devastated and Arthur in charge for the foreseeable future. Arthur refuses to believe their relationship is impossible and promises things can change.

When Arthur and his knights arrived in pursuit of Morgana, whom they thought had been kidnapped by the Druids, Aglain tried to help Morgana and Mordred flee with his people. During the subsequent raid ageavaine Camelot, Gawain and his other allies are knighted by Arthur around the Round Table in recognition of their service to Camelot, Gawain ayravaine before the battle that, even if they have no chance of victory, he wouldn’t miss this fight for anything.

Helios portrayed by Terrence Maynard was a warlord from the southern kingdoms who helped Morgana to overthrow Camelot in episodes of series 4. When Merlin finds out Morgana also has magic, he fights the temptation to tell her of his powers.

Lord Agravaine

Soon after this, Arthur came to remember just how much he cared for and relied on Merlin when the other man was captured by bandits in “A Servant of Two Masters”. However, just as they arrive, Arthur dies in Merlin’s arms. When faced with the choice of either him agravakne Merlin drinking poison to stop the curse, Arthur took the responsibility upon himself, refusing to let Merlin or Camelot die because of him.

King Agravaiine portrayed by Steven Hartley led mercenaries around Camelot to conquer land.