Scenes with him are so SLOW. Actually i have another theory. To be fan-girl honest, I am watching the show to find Eric hahaha.. Jumping away in fear, Kang-woo lands right in a pile of cow dung. I normally avoid spy dramas, but this one is so campy and exaggerated I love it! That woman cry easier and for shorter times get depressed is not a weekness by any messures it just our way of getting it over with faster while most men that cant cry go under. And it’s ironic how the tables are turned

If someone looks for intellect, seriousness or logic in this drama then he or she is watching the wrong show. That’s always good, haha. Haha that would be such a fun twist I’ll check out “Forbidden Love” if I have time. I need to pack everyone off to bed so I can read the rest of the comments. But what is she going to do about her actual mission to move him to North Korea?

Jo July 15, at 2: Today you are so fast. When asked what step two is, the General hems and haws and says he will be sending Choi Eol to the South to implement and oversee the rest of the mission.

It sounds like an old spy series and its great. Thanks for the recap, been waiting for this!

So pleased that someone notices LJW like I do! So her commanding officer quickly changes his story on the spot—that qol sent her there on a black ops mission to bring Kang-woo over to their side specifically, to have him voluntarily cross over to the North of his own free will.


I wonder if I should. Her mission was supposed to be a secret since she was accompanying the general? But let’s discuss for a minute how sizziling this pairing is? Korean spy group that was tailing Kang Woo and was already interested in Myung Wol? Hmm, I sense familial tensions. When he started to see her everywhere I thought: If not, he could be working on his own I mean how many of us would like to quit epixode job because we are so what of pissed off things happening at work for different reasons.

Spy Myung Wol Episode 2 Recap

Myung Wol paces around the room. I dgamacrazy feel he’s a spy from the North or an undercoverd NSA agent If she was being ostracised already, it’s going to be worse now.

Well, thank heavens for that! Are the CDs in the van secret spy stuff? I watched Shiri and loved the movie. Thanks for the recap! That would explain why she felt so ostracized on set It’s okay to get annoyed or upset at what other people write, but that doesn’t give you any right to insult them.

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Thus I wouldn’t have known what you wanted to say regarding this matter until now. I m not that much into the drama anymore but rather the individual actors. He puts his arms around her and they begin to dance, and Kang-woo asks curiously where she learned to speak English if she grew up hhe the country. Spy Myung Wol how do u track a blackberry episode guides on TV.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Episode 11 didn’t turn out as drakacrazy as I thought it would be. I might give a couple more episodes a shot but I honestly don’t give this show much of a chance.


Spy Myung Wol

Hesitantly, she lifts up the bedsheet, and finds Kang-woo looking up at her, motioning for her to remain quiet. And Kang-woo reacts with his lightning-quick reflexes.

The preview for the epizode episode looks so so so good. I will follow you. I did it for people from outer space who have five legs.

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What a picture the bridal duo will make: Oh, and my friends have spotted her in Tye Heights. All wild thoughts aside I thought MWTS’s last episodes would have got much woo ratings due to all the press but it doesn’t look to be so.

But if you see a slideshow of what other people were doing as painters during his time, and then end with one of his paintings, it totally blows you out of the water, how different and out of the blue his artwork was.

Such a cute ep; thanks for the recap! Annie July 12, at 8: I’ve been waiting for this! Definitely not a Man of Still, our Eric – he moves too fast for that