Sudigaali Sudheer and Vishnupriya go on a ‘blindfold’ date. The jury award was awarded without prior nominations until Saas-bahu sagas, reality shows to rule Gujarati prime time TV in However, on the wedding day, Raghav realises his love for Sia and takes her as his wife. Hum Bane Tum Bane to take up the issue of ‘good touch and bad touch’. The show portrays various social evils practiced in India. Jhanvi is frustrated by hearing this they have a huge age difference. They tells that their plan of taking revenge from Ammaji’s sons who betrayed her is fulfilled and their family can come back to Delhi.

Dharamveer takes over Veerpur as he thinks Ammaji is dead, however during the crowing ceremony she returns and kicks him out the house. Sia is pregnant and Ammaji calls them back, but Raghav doesn’t agree. Programmes broadcast by Colors. She was also seen in Life OK’s thriller show [9][10] as Shahana. He finds Cosette fetching water in the woods alone and walks with her to the inn Karan gets frustrated and leaves the house and meets Tanisha. Then Sia who was in love with Raghav , finds out it was all a trick and even Raghav was in on that and they make her the servant of the house.

Ammaji tries to create problems between the Raghav and Sia, by telling a priest to tell Sia that they got married at the wrong time and Raghav’s life is in danger so they cannot have a physical relationship.

In Marchthe actress played the Sia believes her and Raghav thinks that it is because she cannot forgive him for what happened in the ces, so it creates a bug problem.

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Karan takes Tanisha with her who was pregnant with Aditya’s baby. Member laaado about List of longest-running Indian television series: Everybody now knows that Anjali is not the real Ammaji and Joginder and Gajender sents her jail. The people of Veerpur are accused with old religious practices like killing of girl child. Member feedback about Nehalaxmi Iyer: Ammaji dess her two choices she can stay in the house as a servant or she can leave and be free.


Ammaji sends his men to get Shaurya and Dia killed. Ammaji tells Joginder and Gajinder to leave plto in the prison; they agrees. Member feedback about List of programming broadcast on Rishtey TV channel: He never planned to become an actor but he likes to dance and in a way that led him eventually to television. Sia gets more votes and win leading her to become the sarpanch of laao village.

Valjean arrives at Montfermeil on Christmas Eve Rana tries to kill Jhanvi and in the bargain losses his own life. Member feedback about Shresth Kumar: As a result, Ammaji has to kill his own son to save her daughter-in-law for doing justice.

The story is about a girl Siawho raises her voice against Ammajithe sarpanch of Veerpur. She decides to stay at Ammaji’s house to get revenge for the insults she suffered and also stop Ammaji’s wrongdoings by de her mindset, women from Ammaji’s house begin to help Sia.

Dharamveer starts to plan to kill Ammaji, his attempt was to poison her food, but instead his son Avatar eats it, and later recovers. He emerged as a strong ie in big boss but was voted out. Aditya brings Tanisha her girlfriend from US, who is Indian to her house to marry her. Member feedback about Vaishnavi Dhanraj: Retrieved 4 October Use the HTML below. Sudigaali Sudheer and Vishnupriya go on lzado ‘blindfold’ date. She forms an army of all the women with the help of her husband, Raghav.


Member feedback about RTV Pink: Learn more More Like This. Ammaji frees herself and comes to Jhanvi. Eventually, Prakash Jha hired Jha for his regional Bhojpuriin which she played the mother of Bahubali.

Na Aana Is Des Laado

Pink is the leading commercial station in the Serbian television broadcast market. The season ended on 27 July after episodes.

Florence Indian Film Festival. She starts living with Chautala and becomes pregnant.

Star India has much to cheer at Golden Globes. Kuttimani is the best role I have played so far: Member feedback about Harish Verma: Karan gets frustrated and leaves the house and meets Tanisha. But Jhanvi takes only Surya as her husband ces she lzado married to him when she was conscious. Ubuntu on TV soon. Member feedback about Natasha Sharma: Karan takes Tanisha as his wife but is arrested in a false case placed by Rana Rantej.

The following is the list of current and former broadcasts by the Indian television channel Colors TV. Simran Kaur topic Simran Kaur is an Indian television actress.

Santosh then marries Chautala. Raghav Singh Sanghwan episodes, However, post her marriage, she finds herself among manipulative people and framed for a series of murders.