If you hold the half press for about a second, the light will enter momentary mode and only remain lit in that brightness mode until you release the button. While in this mode, the EC25 consumes minor power to maintain memorized outputs, but will appear turned off. I love it when it’s totally dark and then I’ll turn on the turbo to pretty much turn on the sun! Overall, the Cobra is an excellent high powered compact light. Top of the line materials make this an incredibly durable light. Klarus X1 Rechargeable Flashlight. User Interface The Cobra uses a single electronic side switch that, like a camera shutter button, recognizes both a half press and a full press, to control a complex user interface that includes five brightness levels and two blinky modes. First, the Cobra has a built-in mechanical lockout.

Inside, the Cobra sits in a plastic form mold, with the accessories stored in a bag underneath. The tail does not have a switch, it is completely flat. The advanced reflector features Nitecore’s Precision Digital Optics Technology PDOT which uses digital simulation to optimize reflector performance, allowing this compact light to achieve a consistent and full-coverage beam capable of illuminating targets up to meters away! Action Shots You can click on any of these shots to see them full size. Lockout mode consumes almost no battery power and prevents the light from accidentally being turned on. Reqeust a Quote We are happy to provide specialized quotes to our industrial, government, military, and institutional customers. By putting it in that clear ring around the button, and designing the light to automatically display the voltage whenever the light starts up, Nitecore has promised not to waste space or time with the function. So, the UI does take some time to get used to, but when you do it makes the light very easy to use and easy to get to the mode you want.

You have two options, either to give a full press or a half press to the side switch. While in this mode, the EC25 consumes minor power to maintain memorized outputs, but will appear turned off. This button is designed with a blue LED that shines through a clear circle around the button to act as an indicator more about this indicator in the UI section.

Third generation Smart Selector Ring user interface.

Nitecore EC25 Cobra Lumen Searchlight with CREE XM-L2 T6 LED

Streamlight Charger Kit. As the others have said this light is the great. When in standby mode the power indicator light will flash once every ev25 seconds to show the location of the light.

Originally Posted by den On Turbo, the Cobra got very warm in about 25 minutes, but did not at any point get uncomfortable to hold. While using the Cobra, the brightness will drop drastically from an otherwise steady output, then become very dim for a while when the battery voltage is low. Once in one of these modes, a quick half press will advance you to the next mode in the sequence, a long half press will activate Turbo mode, or a full press will turn the light off.


Nitecore EC25 Cobra High-Power Flashlight

Nitecore EC25 Cobra [In Progress] Subjective review is complete, just waiting for spring to come and melt the snow so I can get some decent outdoor beamshots. The clip is awesome, I clip mine into my pant pocket.

The side switch includes a glowing blue LED which serves as a locator to help find your light in the dark as well as a low voltage indicator so you’ll never be caught off guard with dead batteries again.

I dropped the Cobra from a height of about 1 meter onto various surfaces including grass, carpet, packed dirt, and wood. Inside the head, you can see the metal circle that makes contact with the positive terminal of the batter. A hard anodized, aero-grade aluminum body and a toughened ultra-clear glass lens are impact and scratch resistant, while a titanium-plated stainless steel pocket clip will keep a secure hold for confident every day carry. Great light by the way. Lockout mode consumes almost no battery power and prevents the light from accidentally being turned on.

Of course unscrewing the tailcap is still an option. I love it when it’s totally dark and then I’ll turn on the turbo to pretty much turn on the sun! Even with these fins is the stainless steal electronic button.

While in Daily Modepress switch partway down in quick xeries to cycle between Ultralow, Low, Medium and High outputs. Objective Manufacturer’s Rxplorer Price: More and more lights have voltage indication functions these days, but the Cobra has one that doesn’t clutter either the UI or or aesthetic of the light. On the Cobra, the UI is intelligently designed so that you can quickly get to either Turbo or a lower mode with only a single press, but this e25 it’s a little complicated and takes some time to learn and get comfortable with.

When in Strobe, a half press will return you to the brightness level mode you came from, and a full press will turn the light off. While light is turned off, press switch all the way down and hold to momentarily activate Turbo Mode. There are two different types of EC25’s, in one group the blue led stays on when the flashlight is on exolorer in the other group the led stays off when the flaslight is on.


Exp,orer to test new product of Nitecore to experience latest design and cutting-edge technology you have never seen.

NITECORE Ec25 Cobra Explorer CREE Xm-l T6 LED Flashlight 960 Lumens

Nitecore says it’s 60 lumens but I’ve heard it’s lower in real life. Levels are good, though could use a lower low. Please let us know if you would like niteecore see something added to this product page.

Originally Posted by holylight. I like the look of nitecire heat fins, they are very good at both giving a visual impression and getting the job of heat dissipation done well. How long can it stay in this mode before draining the battery?

I’m thinking of getting one. Powered by a single rechargeable li-ion battery. This is just my personal preference, so I will understand if some have other preferences, but for me the electronic lockout just gets in the way. This is my favorite light, 5 levels of brightness and built in voltmeter. Fill in the form below to apply for testing eligibility; 2.

These graphs may be truncated serries show detail. Results 1 to 30 of This is useful for a light with an electronic switch only, because it will prevent the circuit from drawing power when you are not using the light for a period of time.

This light is amazing. Radiator fins integrated into the head design provide better cooling for exceptional overall performance Integrated Precision Digital Optics Technology provides extreme reflector performance Innovative single button two-stage switch offers a user-friendly interface patented Eight rapidly switchable brightness modes to select from High efficiency circuit board provides up to 25 hours runtime Power indicators secondary function displays battery voltage accurate to 0.

Thanks to Nitecore for providing the Cobra for review.

I submersed the Cobra under about a foot of water for an hour, clicking the switch several times. There are some that are smaller, and some that have more power, but the Cobra is the best combo of small size and high output that I have reviewed so far: Construction The Cobra is made from aluminum, coated in a black hard anodizing to resist chips and dents and scratches. EC25 Country of Origin: Bigmac, Thanks for getting back.