Urmi advices Vasu to reveal the truth of their astrological chart. She further tells Aditi that she had asked for Urmi and Vasu’s marriage certificate and photographs from her grandmother. Leave this field empty. Nandini gets annoyed by Vidhyadhar. Aditi signs the divorce papers. Vasu falls for Urmi, who believes in exactly opposite beliefs. Pasant Ahe Mulgi will show us how a match made in heaven will face turmoil on earth when their families come face to face. Kumud complains Mai that Aditi keeps taunting her.

She tells Mai that Urmi is in Vasu’s room. Urmi tells Mai that she fears that Pannt and her father may get involved in a dispute. Urmi tells Pannt that she suggested Aditi to write a letter to him. Nandini apologizes to Aditi for using her name and calling Urmi’s grandmother. Kumud complains Mai that Aditi keeps taunting her. Marathi Serials Zee Marathi. He is studying M. Aajji tells Urmi that Vidhyadhar will never accept Pannt’s demands.

Kumud pleads Pannt to not send her to her parents house. Watch the episode for more details. Urmi’s grandmother is shocked to learn that even Urmi has agreed to get married according to the Vedic rituals, and that Vasu is about to become the chairperson of their aashram.

He further tells Pannt that he wants a divorce from Kumud. She is not very social and hates lies!

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Nandini goes to Pannts room. Vasu finds that Urmi is heartbroken, and asks her the reason for weeping. Pannt tells Mai that last night he saw Kumud and Ramachandra having an argument. I want to know as she is playing a prominent role in the serial, but her name has not been mentioned in the cast so far.


Urmi suggests Vasu to forgive Nandini. Vidhyadhar tells his mother to return home. Marathi Serials Zee Marathi. Nandini calls Aahw and tells him that she wishes to meet him.

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Aditi tells Pannt that she was tortured by her husband faced and domestic violence. She further tells Her aunt that she will go to Pune to meet Urmi’s father.

He further tells Pannt that he has ordered Ramachandra to change their astrological charts. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Let us have a look at the character and the actors playing these characters.

Now a days a promo is flashing on Zee Marathi where a girl and boy were seen chatting. Urmi gets involved in contretemps with Nandini. Aakka calls Vasu and informs him about Nandini’s intentions. Priyadarshini Deshpande Title Song: Vasu and Urmi go out on a walk. Urmi tells Vasu that they should support Aditi in her decision to get divorce. Pannt and Ramachandra go out to meet Aditi’s in-laws.

Pasant Ahe Mulgi

Mai breaks the news of Nandinis wedding to Vasu and Urmi. His character is an old-fashioned authoritarian, righteous, and well-disciplined person, with lots of respect in his village. Vasu decides to talk to Pannt regardin his decision of not becoming the chairperson of their ashram.


She further tells him that earlier that day Urmi and Nandini had an argument. Aajji and Pannt have a small argument regarding Pannt’s plan. Aajji replies to Vidhyadhar that Urmi has decided to follow Pannt’s traditions to bring a change in their village.

Kumud and Aditi have a small argument regarding Urmi’s Grandmother. Urmi tells Vasu that Kumud and Ramachandra are frequently involved in an argument. He is very much different than Urmi. Vasu tells Pannt that he is not interested in becoming the chairperson of the ashram, and that he wants to continue teaching Sanskrit.

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Ramachandra apologizes to Kumud for his behaviour towards her in the past, and also praises her. Vidhyadhar and Pannt praise each other for their contribution towards the society, and their involvement in social services.

I want to know as pxsant is playing a prominent role. This is a story of two youngsters Urmi and Vasu who falls in love with each other.

History and is in the 2nd year. Later Ramachandran and Vasu have an argument over Pannt’s decision. Urmi and Vasu both studying in same college falls in love with each other.