You know, kind of like those ‘s teen rom-coms where they teach the “nerdy” girl to brush her hair and take off her glasses and suddenly she’s a babe? Oh, you’d better bet that’s a check! Simple, and it never tries to reinvent the genre, but it looks great and plays without a hitch, making it a sound pickup for anyone looking for some casual marble matching. Cycle through your weapons with [Q] and [E], or wield them directly with the [number keys]. The touch controls definitely take some getting used to on the iOS iteration, but the two-fingered swipe mechanic that allows you to instantly switch between retro and updated visual modes is a great way to compare the old and new styles. Elephant Games is one of the most underrated hidden-object adventure developers, consistently turning out wildly creative titles that blend the surreal with the creepy to craft engaging, memorable experiences.

Specifically, you’ll be required to get some rock-destroying mines or lasers to reach the lower parts of the ocean. The families of the lost have hired you, but exploring the bizarre sets and traps that make up the Maze proves this is one unique investigation Galaxy Express only gets better as the levels progress, and there are around of them to keep you quite busy. You desire a consistent life with few complications, and your childhood dream is to meet the boy or girl of your dreams, although failure to meet this goal can lead to a fairly independent life which can make you successful in business. Nothing was known about the inhabitants of the Mechanica. Everything just moves so fast and explodes so quickly.

The game is pure fun, and charming to boot. The trade-off for this consistency is a steep initial learning curve. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but regardless of your gender you’ll probably get pretty attached to them in Arkeus’ latest action platformerDiamond Hollow 2. There are also enemies to deal with, and the more envelopes you recover, the more aggressive they get.

And now, with the iOS release of Another World, the prediction puls by that creepy time traveler we met 20 years ago has come true! Click here for more information. Included are all the bells and whistles common in any Tesshi-e escape: Guide the little fledgling with the [left] and [right] arrow keys. Considering that this game can be finished in under an hour, this imaginary world must be filled with casual gaming felons who are imprisoned for no more than twenty minutes episoed they’re out breaking the law again.


Chain jumps by hitting ramps continuously or by jumping on the rail once in between ramps to get multipliers, up to 10x. Even though it looks all cute and inviting, Celestial Mechanica can be a very challenging game. The modest difficulty curve help keeps things accessible to most players, while even hardcore platformers will find a lot to enjoy about it as they trick out their talking gun to the best of its abilities.

Listen to your advisors or go ahead and trade with your enemy?

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It’s Friday, September 23rd, and where are you?! And most importantly, why not bees? While we welcome any comments about this weekly feature here, we do ask that if you need any help with the individual games, please post your questions on that game’s review page.

Marcy and Justine just want to do a good deed, handing out free personal safety alarms on campus. It’s your job to run an accident waiting to happenUHIMEAN facility where people can come and view these creatures, while simultaneously managing hunts to get new DNA types to make more beasties.

Running from one end of the building to another for your next class, stopping to grab a book along the way, dodging the bullies in the hallway It contains a bonus chapter, art gallery, strategy guide, and vis. The visuals are lovely with amazing little details and animations that really bring them to life. As most hybrids have the inventory on the bottom of the screen, this can take repplay bit of getting belel to.

Making deliveries and hitting waypoints is no easy task, as space flight dpisode a complex feat. Storm clouds and stars act as defensive weapons, stunning the enemy for a short time.

A near-perfect puzzle game with great visual effects and plenty of content to keep you coming back for more. Play Siege Hero – Viking Vengeance. If a door blocks your way, swim through each of the rotating gate to open it.

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Being a Gemini myself, I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer to find an escape game themed around my sign. What fiendish escape have you prepared for us this time around?


The point is to work out the sequence required to get all of the monsters. Standing in your way is a small assortment of traps and dozing guards, who will wake if you enter an adjacent square though not your clones.

Click around for clues; the game has two difficulty settings, for those of you who prefer to play without helpful sparkles and plua hint timers, but if you pay attention to your surroundings and explore you should be able to find your way regardless.

But if those don’t get you hooked, you are likely to find Zombocalypse a try-once experience. Flowers are cheap, but offer only one measly percentage point, so doughnuts with a high percentage of hunger won’t be stopped easily by them. If things are moving too slowly for you, try clicking the round green 1x, 2x, and 3x buttons on the 246 right to speed up game time.

September 2011 Archives

A few weeks back the popular Japanese room escape designer Tesshi-e took us back to the Escape Hotel, that wacky vacation spot that caters to the pls of those who feel the need to logic their way out a locked room, any locked room, at least once a week.

Using the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to move around and the mouse to aim and shoot, you must outkill your opponents or reach your objective, with episodf without a partner by your side.

If you enjoyed the rest of the series, you’ll be all over this. After a while, the lack of any real specific goal other than “make X amount of money” ceases to be a motivator, and Monster Corp’s staying power for you will depend on your need to catch or grow ’em all and purchase the top tier of absolutely everything.