It blasts away at the lesser domes. Damon leaves Matthew and morphs with the rest of the Rangers, leaving Matthew to fend for himself when he is under attack by Furio and Sting Wingers. Mike survives, and the original Magna Defender spiritually comes to Mike to thank him for fulfilling his original legacy. The Rangers have no choice but to self-destruct the Megaship, and escape in the Jet Jammers. The plan worked – Stratoforce and Centaurus are good again! Back on the ship, Leo thinks about the person who rescued him and decides yet again to go back to the cave to see what Furio was looking for, he finds a stone with something inside of it which might of caught Furio’s eye and takes it back to the ship to have Kendrix look at it. Whilst on babysitting duty, watching Commander Stanton’s daughter Jodie, Kai falls for an attractive woman named Hannah.

Using the new Galaxy Megazord, Gasser is quickly destroyed. Here he meets Kendrix, Kai and surprisingly to them all, Leo’s brother Mike. The Rangers face the army of incoming Sting Wingers, and fight them with everything they’ve got. Leo goes after them and finds the box, but Mike isn’t in there. The Rangers and their Megazords must combine all of their powers and give it all they’ve got to defeat this creature. Maya tells Kendrix that she had been sensing that they are nearby.

As the two Rangers battle each other, Damon gains control long enough to hurl his sword at Deviot’s machine, freeing him and Kai from the shackles.

Trakeena spikes her staff into the ground, energizing everything, and powering up the city dome. Game of Souls Fantasy, Action, Adventure. An ancient hero turned villain named Loyax asks Trakeena to give him a last battle with a worthy opponent, and she sends him to Terra Venture to fight the Rangers. The attack tosses Trakeena gapaxy, but she is still not down. Goofs In the distance on Diviot’s seemingly uninhabited alien planet stands a lighthouse.


Captain Mutiny decides to unleash his most fearsome monster against the Rangers – the Titanisaur.

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Episode 3: Hexuba resurrects past monsters, and sends them down to Terra Venture. Mike survives, and the original Magna Defender spiritually comes to Mike to thank him for fulfilling his original legacy. With the Rangers’ Zords on the ropes, Deviot calls off his Zords.

She agrees, but doesn’t do a great job. As the Rangers head towards camp, the people run towards the Rangers, and congratulate their saviors on a job well done. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

Stratoforce and Centaurus proceed to thoroughly trash the Galaxy Megazord, while the Rangers try to convince the Zords that they’re not evil. Kendrix has finally decoded a page, which reveals that Deviot’s evil Zords are actually the three lost Galactabeasts.

The Lost Galactabeasts: Part 1

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. A battle escalates between Magna Defender and now a weakened Destruxo and the lights are released from him and are given to the Rangers. The Rangers destroy the monster, and get back all of the victims.

As Leo charges to attack the Zords, Kendrix intervenes, and tells him that they are really Galactbeasts, and that’s why their beasts won’t fight them. A new world, a new beginning.


A vision of Astronema makes Karone face her evil past, she overcomes her galactabrasts, and Leo’s powers are restored by one of Astronema’s victims. The main city dome detaches, as rrangers rest is destroyed. He and Damon steal a case of explosives from a Terra Venture cargo truck.

As a thank you for gaactabeasts out, the Rangers decide to take him in the Astro Megaship. Just as the people begin to think that the Rangers are dead, they emerge from the smoke with the Galactabeasts, alive and well.

They awaken with mind controlling shackles on. Trakeena confronts Leo, and the two battle it out. Commander Stanton Stephen Mendel Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Episode 2: This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat The Megaship escapes just as the remainder of Mirinoi turns to stone, and takes the new Rangers back to Terra Venture, which galactzbeasts off on its long journey.

Maya, a local girl of Mironoi, is trying to escape from the Sting Wingers. He defeats the Powef by using their own moves against them, but they defeat him by switching fighting styles. The next day, Kai coincidentally bumps into Hannah and are under attack by another one of Furio’s monsters.