Sorry, my bad, i’ll correct that Terresa of the Faint Smile was the character which really made the anime shine. The plot of the anime is below: It features one of the spunkiest heroines. The anime is likewise very atmospheric. I would definitely recommend Aoi Hana and Hourou Musuko.

Guts, a man who calls himself “The Black Swordsman” looks upon his days serving as a member of a group of mercenaries, the Band of the Hawk, nicknamed “the Grim Reaper of the Battlefield. Jun Maeda once again proves his awesomeness! You should try it y. And really focused on libido. He lives in a house full of spirits alongside his grandfather who is the leader of the youkai. Finished B Gata H Kei today. Post-apocalyptic, posthuman, dark and highly philosophical tech noir anime. The show is based on an eroge, you should have been ready for it.

Neither will I be responsible if this picture below makes you want to search for more Saber pictures and scans from websites like Konachan.

I really, really love Vision of Escaflowne. Every time a question is answered, another ten questions pop up, and none of those are answered until all animeultims the old ones have been explained.

Ended Seikon No Qwaser the most ecchiest anime ever Should i watch this eng or jap dub with eng sub? Its so painful with the fake british accents.

The best coodere herione is obviously Senjougahara Hitagi, no one can top her: I loved this series as well, however I znimeultima got bored by the same boring Mecha Battles over and over again. Ghost in the Shell: Although the bad thing is that we do not get to see a proper ending.


animeultimw Finished Winter Garden today. This time I feel like watching some Vampire bounty hunting maybe It might be a potential candidate for my favourite anime that are slow-paced and contain; Sci-Fi and Slice of Life elements. Sad and a melancholic story indeed. Amatsuki — only got a 13 episode anime, but the manga is amazing and nowhere near as popular as it should be. Just watched 1 episode of High school of dead animdultima Fairy Tail 36 Awesome animations.

Rec episode special english sub – video dailymotion

Animation Rrec Work Home. The best part was when Kamiyama and Hayashida keep on slapping Freddie because they think that he came to their class by mistake. By day, he appears anikeultima a little boy, and at night, qnimeultima appears as a man.

It can be obnoxious at times, but the show rewards those with patience. A girl carrying twin caliber bring down army of bad guys just sultan rahi with AK Other than that…do you want any yaoi recs?

It has changed my views about anime as bieng little kiddies’ cartoons and now i’m completely addicted to anime! Great slice of life, and this was my go-to series to cheer me up when I was in grad school. The Evangelion series was never this interesting, plus the graphics have been really approved and the fights with Angels are more awesome.

Bad female representation, but strong bromance, and a multiracial cast. Short manga series availiable with epsode story development. A single father raises a girl in suburbian Japan. S posts-yay xD. Kuroshitsuji is pretty good That said, the chibis are awesome. This is a shonen series, but it is a hilarious series all about bread making.


Omyakh and CerebralTiger thank you for your reply. Code Geass may be the best anime for some categories but if compared to all the anime, then I wouldn’t say that it is the best anime ever! And so much of the story is implied I did not animeutlima about the third one.

[Eng.Sub] Football Guys Ep.1

This is apparently everything I want in life. Setakoi is flipping awesome! It’s characters are completely unique and entertaining ti watch, each in their own creepy ways.

Of course, his bride does not know, so drama ensues. I have long heartily epixode the two films of Mamouro Hosda.

PLz If u know abt this anime that where can i download it then do tell me Adding a little bit of story after years where most of our supporting young heroes are married or something like that would’ve been the best way to end it.

Ai Yori Aoshi http: I seriously wish they make a Prologue today and highlight all the wars and battles which were the reason naimeultima their FAME