Once you boot off into 64 bit Snow Leopard. All files then successfully verified. They point me to their website for a It was interesting to note that I had the external hard drive powered and expresscard inserted. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Using latest driver for both Win and OSX.

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I have a MacBook Pro 6,1 with the expresscard slot.

sil driver – SATA/IDE Controllers – InsanelyMac Forum

Oct 15, 4: It’s been tons of help! I did not try inserting the Expresscard without out the enclosure being powered.

I do not know about you, but I was under the understanding that 1. Also, if I let the drive spin down I’m in the same boat.

That card is Sil based from past posts here. They point me to their website for a The menu at the top showed that Mac OS My kernel panic is as follows: Here’s some info about my setup: I’ll get back in touch once I’ve tested sl3132 and benchmarked the performance. For Mc that require jac, a reinstall of the drivers may be required, and check for any driver updates.


This is a very similar problem to the USB eject issue. I know the inner workings of my machine fairly well Mac Pro so I had no trouble installing the device.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. You can also use port multipliers, each Sil port can handle a 5-port multiplier so you could connect up to 10 drives on one 2-port Sil board. It supports booting from drives attached to it. New raid drivers also work nicely, this is Xbench results of two Seagate 1Tb Long story ks they provided excellent customer service, and the card works great in my late MacBook Pro.

Silicon Image 3132 PCI-Express – eSATA controller Drivers

First off let me explain my environment. It works as reliably and as well as when I used this card and setup on my first generation MacBook Pro 15″ Core Duo 1. The card is at my office now, I’ll check the profiler tomorrow. Don’t know but I think someone here was using a multiplier, you might try ps find that thread and ask the guy about speed issues.


Not sure that was ever addressed or if it would still be natively supported in ox OS X versions. Installation was very simple, although the directions are not very specific. As I say, they all boot up and function properly, as all 5 drives appear when I attach the enclosure to a tower.

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I don’t see why installing wouldn’t also work. Other than the kernel panic when “hot pulling” the card, it works well. Or there’s some issue with the driver we don’t know of yet – and IIRC the 1. If the MBP can in fact, being booted from For this reason I tested Snow Leopard for 2 weeks prior to upgrading this machine on another older Macbook.

So far so good. And it hosed some of my USB ports. He later wrote Very Late 2.