She calls him out for always confusing her — she never knows whether to take hims seriously or not. And there is simply nothing in 20 episodes that explains the attraction between the two. And I agree with you, that if the same things were said and portrayed about women, we would have a fit. While at a club, the four guys spot a pretty young woman and through a waiter book her for their room. Episodes by LollyPip. And I am not even going to compare the heroines – the less said about the way YS was written and acted, the better. But this show is like teflon on the brain. They end up losing 21 to 2, HAHA.

Going to miss F I can just image our collective response Shortly after, Jung-rok gets a call from his cafe and Do-jin tells him to answer as it would be ridiculous to go out of business while playing games. But instead, they did nothing!! If you liked me, you should do something to congratulate me. I had fun reading them.

They lost all the liquor they brought with them.

That is the problem with everyone they take drama’s too seriously. Do-jin comments how great it was for a Korean to make it to the Premier Leagueand how proud he was of this accomplishment. The process did not epislde smoothly, but they do end up quitting smoking.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I guess I should say ‘with respect to romance’ because most of Writer Kim’s female leads are very successful in their own respective field. I think it means Will you marry me. It is a drama that makes me smile.

Then we open the episode proper with an extension on that theme — the high school boys of the present day. However fluffy, shallow, idiotic ad nauseum were the dialogues, the most endearing and valuable aspect of AGD was the friendship among the F Yoon pretends to be calling a lawyer, describing the accident.


Is it that Yoon is the only one who got a deeper storyline, or that Kim Min-jong was the only one acting in this drama? Off everything slides and you have to strain yourself to remember anything about it.

Kim Sun Ah showed a fairly steady growth arc in her character and rocked it as mayor – she also managed to instill some conscience in her quite typical lead. I mean, a 41 year old man who crashes his expensive and beloved car to impress a girl? Kim Minjong is seriously my ahjussi crush. Though, in the end I could perhaps absolve Meahri – she was so under the spell of Yoon Oppa, that she wasn’t able to do anything else in her life.

His attentiveness has Jung-rok and Do-jin pouting, which is cute. The woman bends down to pick something up, and the guys all lower their heads as well trying to look up her skirt.

Then when they wanted to start their picnic, they realized that all of them brought only alcohol, no one brought food.

And Kim Min-jong and Jang Dong-gun in a drama together is like a sentimental thing for me. We move on to the scene that ended Episode 19 at the club, rewound a few minutes.

A Gentleman’s Dignity 1-20 (Final)

Jen September 2, at And then we get an epilogue with Do-jin and Yi-soo lying in bed. She knows the media. Yoon and Tae-san mock him, saying how can a guy care so much about his looks. Whenever they shared the screen together, I just got this big goofy grin on my face. I think A precipitated B. I feel like showing us that sketch before Yi-soo sees it is another wad blown too early. It was a fun, breezy watch for me.


I loved this show. Horror of all horrors I’ve seen 7 out of her 8 dramas. Some people didn’t get it because they weren’t trying to understand the drama. You have to take it at surface value and not look for the dignify meaning of anything. Thank you for this last and final recap.

A Gentleman’s Dignity (Final) | Sinopsis Drama

It was very simple and fun, with enough lightness to keep you popping the episodes like popcorn in a movie. Tae-san enters the classroom and demands to know who’s the strongest in the class. Episode 2 – Mini skirt girl The four guys are gossiping about their friend, when Do-jin said they’re at an dlgnity where they don’t even know if someone likes them. A Gentleman’s Dignity is about the careers and love lives of urban professionals.

A baseball game day for the boys, which starts off with an interview of Yi-soo. Archived from the original on 8 March Hankook Ilbo in Korean.

I need to remember the frustration I feel right now gentlemeen the cost of enjoying those moments! The Lonely and Great God Mr. Screenplays by Kim Eun-sook.

Gentelmen like intelligent and good at his profession on the outside but when it comes to love, he’s so uncertain and sometimes illogical about it. There were SO many things they could’ve done. I really enjoyed Yoons character and for a long time only watched for his story line and later on when the show began to show Colin and his highschool friendships blossoming I really liked it.