Did you like their ending or hated it and why? Finally, after all these years we may get to find out what Cook did to Freddie’s killer! I didn’t get to Season 6 just wasn’t interested in that generation. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I mean, I consider those 2 the best couple out of any show I’ve ever seen, and the characters did not deserve a end like that. Effy went to jail, Naomi died and Emily was heartbroken…just horrible. I think that was kinda always the intention with Skins. The true reality tv show?

So logically one would think that Season 7 would tightly end the Skins franchise for these characters. So what did everyone think of the first epsiode of the last series of skins? She lives with Naomi, and things become interesting when she finds out about fraudulent activity happening within the organisation. Tbh id rather have that Naomi and Emily episode rather than effy. Crooked Jack , huey If you do not see your post in the ‘new’ section, please message the moderator and I will put it up. Find More Posts by Homer J. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Season 7 is the END. To say I was disappointed with the show, would be a understatement. I know it sounds stupid, I mean, how can a scriptwriting team be jealous of their own spoilets, right? Result, fifty thousand broken hearts, and happy Jess and Jamie. I was a tad disappointed that it didn’t even mention him in Effy’s episodes.

Naomily in Skins Season 7 What You Should Know

The episode except says:. People are angry because in Gen 1 and 2 we were given Open endings which is okay! An Open ending is fine. They should have been growing together as a couple, happy and with their lives ahead of them, instead Naomi gets cancer and Emily doesn’t even find out until it’s too late. Not sure how much more nomily you could want. Crooked Jackhuey I was disappointed cassies episode looks a bit up its own arse too wich is a shame as I loved her in seasons one and two.


I love it when I can choose how things would have ended and it’s only up to you to imagine what could and couldn’t have been. Freddie on the other hand got killed by a character who got introduced just a few episodes prior, which Seadon thought was an idiotic move by the writers. It felt cheap and unnecessary. I hope Cooks parts explain a little more about Freddie.

I found it weird too but then I realised the writers made his name Freddie on purpose. Doesn’t he go to jail? I think that would have caused more of an uproar in the fandom than Naomi dying.

Spoilers beware I totally agree. Definitely worth sticking with.

Dom’s ending is really just left open. With Freddie and Chris I was so shocked, but then when it came to Grace I was kind of expecting her to die?

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I don’t believe it ever was revealed how deep he was implicated or if lost his job. God knows how many times ‘I’m only watching Skins Fire for Naomily’ has come up in the Fire trailers’ comments.

Wait, were you expecting Effy to get married, have kids, and live happily for the rest of her life? The true reality tv show?

Naomily in 2013: Everything You Need To Know

Effy, nor Naomi or Emily got a happy ending. Kill a character off all the time for no reason, the emotional response is just kind of “meh.

We knew Chris’ brother died because of some health condition he had can’t remember what it was or if it was mentioned at allbut we didnt really know he was shugging pills before very late season 2. Submit a new text post. I can agree with that.


I mean, I consider those 2 the best couple out of any show I’ve ever seen, and the characters did not deserve a end like that. You will move on and not even think or wonder about the end for more than 10min. Why pick up from where they left off, in which the season four finale concluded quite well, just to go all dark and nasty. You can read the announcement and access links to the revised policies here.

Hence the nasty and abrupt end to their relationship. The only reason I can find swason the way they ended the Naomily love story in that cruel and heartless way is because of jealousy.

For the fans of Naomi and Emily, who watch Skins season 7 : skinsTV

I was rather disappointed, as she was one of my favourite Skins characters from the whole show. They were both quite unexpected and really didn’t need to be added. The situation in which he died made it worse and once again, Skis broke our hearts.

I just don’t understand what sort of ending people were expecting. The last we see of him is when he just looks at Effy from afar, right? I was pretty underwhelmed to be honest.

It gives us a hint that she’s moved on from Freddie and put the past behind her which also gives us a hint that we’ll get closure on what happened to Freddie in the future.