In Malaysia, most cinema chains offer the standard theatre hall that essentially comes with a big screen, and rows and rows of connected seats placed at different elevated levels. Furthermore, the Luxe cinema hall features connected seats unlike the properly spaced out seats at GSC Gold and Premiere theatres. Apart from a better 3D movie experience, they also offer the more advanced 4D movie experience. The pricing is usually slightly higher during weekends and public holidays. However, they are not the more comfortable leather, arm chair seats. Gallery Types of cinema halls and seats in Malaysia Date Posted:

Stars on the Oscars red carpet. The lounge area is equipped with sofas, a bar selling drinks and tidbits, free WIFI and a restroom. Which seat is you? Standard Class tickets are available at most GSC branches. Pirates of the Caribbean. It is opened for usage 30 minutes before show time.

The Oscar Winner Predictions! Ticket prices usually range from RM8 to RM However, this cinema chain is still worth visiting as it offers a luxurious movie-going experience for a fairly reasonable price. It basically cienma three movie classes as follows:. By purchasing the Premiere Class tickets, you get a more spacious and comfortable seat to enjoy your movie. Unlike Premiere Class seats, Gold Class seats can be reclined and are in the form of highly comfortable and spacious armchairs.

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This means that the seats are also positioned in pairs. Please select at least one item. It’s not just the quantity but the quality. The lounge cihema is equipped with sofas, a bar selling drinks and tidbits, free WIFI and a restroom. This movie class is for the standard theatre halls that accommodate connected seats.

Tickets are priced reasonably considering the huge screen and excellent sound system at around RM17 for adults and RM10 for children. It is opened for usage 30 minutes before show time. Types of cinema halls and seats in Malaysia. MBO Cinemas’ long-term plans in the cinema industry. Apart from these advantages, the hall also occupies limited seats so you are guaranteed more privacy, and you get to enjoy a better sound system than the Standard theatre halls.


Tickets are priced at around RM The seats also offer extra leg space and come with a table attached to every two seats. TGV’s new Indulge cinema. Its features are typically the same conema GSC Maxx, with giant screens that offer higher resolution images and standard seating throughout the cinema hall. One table is attached to every two seats.

However, unlike Gold Class theatres, Platinum Movie Suites does not provide free blankets and pillows for their patrons. Apart from these perks, you also get to enjoy better sound system and the comfort of more leg space.

Three more MX4D cinemas in Malaysia by this year. Malaysia’s Favourite Movie Site Since The Second Part Family Friendly. Tickets are priced cheaper compared to Gold Class tickets at RM16 per person for individual seats and RM18 per person for the twin seats.

The Chillax lounge provides an excellent, casual atmosphere for movie-goers to relax, eat and hang out while waiting for the movie to start. You just need to push a service call button located on your seat whenever you want to order food or drinks, and a staff will be there to attend to you in a few minutes.

Two MBO Cinemas locations close down today. Tips for Staying Awake at the Office. Confused with all these different options? However, in addition to the facilities provided at Gold Class lounges, Platinum Movie lounges have extra facilities such as massage chairs, an Xbox gaming station, and a magazine corner for the complimentary usage of Platinum Movie Suites patrons.


The seats come with attached tray at the side Photo source: Instead, patrons are given the flexibility to use the lounge area as long as they have a movie ticket. For instance, if your movie starts at 8pm, you are allowed to use the lounge area from noon right up to 8pm, as long as the show you booked for has not started yet.

Only the twin seats which make up the upper portion of the cinema hall is separated from each other. Different cinema chains have their own class categories. Pirates of the Caribbean.

The seats also provide extra leg space. The pricing is usually slightly higher during weekends and public holidays. MBO The Starling holds grand launch. No babysitters for your kids this weekend? Standard Class tickets are available at most GSC branches. Pick the premier halls instead.

Furthermore, patrons also get to enjoy a free flow of soft drinks from the minibar while they are at the lounge. Each seat comes with an attached tray on the side so that patrons can place their snacks and drinks there and be comfortable.

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An Unforgettable Winter Sojourn to Budapest. Cinema Online is 20! No worries, bring your little ones along to one of the kid-friendly halls!