Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. The two then go to the office. Haepong shipbuilding had been expand and rename as Cheonji Shipbuilding. Jae Hee Oppa will be appear in Episode But Ji-hye-sshi seems to have a bright personality, and Kim Jae-won-sshi and I both dislike overly heavy moods — he jokes a lot and has a cheerful personality. Watch ‘ The Last Empress ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Even the teacher is afraid of offending her and lets the girl get away with everything.

When Chang Hee gets the opportunity to represent the school at a math meet, Il Mun is livid. Regarding the filming atmosphere: Anonymous 20 May at Geum Hee sees the pitiful Hae Joo and takes mercy on the child, especially when the teacher started beating her for not apologizing for In Hwa. Please take out this post with full credit. Her real mother was actually a madam who had remarried with Jang Do Hyeon,. Inside, In Hwa keeps showing off while Hae Joo keeps being unimpressed. Lee Young Eun Supporting Cast.

May Queen Korean Drama Description: There are dreams, and successes, and watery metaphors galore.

Hak Soo then gets an emergency call from good friend Jang Do Hyun [Lee Duk Hwa — this man is an awesome actor and plays very versatile roles] telling him that his family is in danger as the Japanese company knows dramscrazy Hak Soo took the company information and is defecting. Park Won Sook Supporting Cast. The two then go to the office. Kang Santhe grandson of Haepong shipbuilding chairman. If Jae Hee was not the cast then i think maybe i didnt feel so eager to watch.


They take the Chuns to an abandoned house where they can qeen for the time being.

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He then goes dramacrqzy where he unpacks a caledon vase. Newer Post Older Post Home. Hong Chul is reluctant because his wife will go through the roof if he comes home with a child, but he eventually agrees and takes charge of the girl. Lee Ah Hyun Supporting Cast. Posted July 1, Posted by Jae Won Fan at Hae Joo had apply a job at Cheonji and had been accepted. In the chaos to leave the house, hot water is spilled on both Chan Hee and Yoo Jin, scalding them both, but there is no time to treat them.

In Hwa goes up and quen talking to Hae Joo who ignores her. Armed with only her pure love for the justice of humanity and a bulldozer like passion, she escapes from their false conviction of murder, resolves public welfare, recaptures the people’s respect, and finds her true love. Of course, Hong Chul goes out of his way to treat his adoptive daughter much better which angers his wife even more. Cast – The Qqueen Empress.

To the Beautiful You

He goes over and Jang asks if the company information is safe. That was just because he want the 7 mines that had been discover by Hak Soo and Kang Hwi. Jang Do Hyun asked, “Can you take care of these kids with me? Log in with Email.

Hae Joo did not grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. And Han Ji-hye plays the heroine, an oceanographer who climbs her way up from nothing.


The Last Empress

Julien Kang Supporting Cast. There is no way for Kang Wahch to be building models at the moment when he still lacks all these other skills. The younger counterparts are played by: Posted June 12, While the adults are conversing, the three kids go to catch frogs.

Shin Eun Kyung Supporting Cast. Lee Elijah Supporting Cast. Yoo Min Kyu Supporting Cast. He promises his wife he will tell her everything when the see mat other again.

So when Watdh heard we were both cast, I was really happy about it. Posted September 16, Posted August 27, Geum Hee collapses and Jang rushes up to her before she can hit the ground. Her real mother was actually a madam who had remarried with Jang Do Hyeon.

Poor Hong Chul is worried about Hae Joo and is trying his best to break her fever while all his wife can think about is Sang Tae who got stung once on the mouth while Hae Joo got stung multiple times, all over, protecting Young Joo from the bees their oppa stirred up. Jang Do Hyeon had acknowledge her talent in welding and had become. Kang San had been send to study in America by his grandfather because.