Not that it’s a problem or anything but that’s one of the reasons why I love Ash Another question is are May and Max closer than they were compared to the beginning of Pokemon Advanced? Shigeru-kun , Nov 18, The audience continues to laugh, and Harley continues to taunt her. Surskit gets up from the attack and is about to counter, but the buzzer goes off! She doesn’t have to wait too long, as the results are announced, revealing that May, Harley, Kent , and the Coordinator with an Azurill have advanced to the second round. Bulbasaur is now visibly tiring. Usually the contests don’t have things like that in them. Harley and Cacturne can now advance to the final stage.

May eats them and says that they’re “not half bad”, and Harley seems upset. Cacturne responds with a Poison Sting attack that pops all the bubbles. In the next round, Cacturne quickly takes out an Azurill. Cacturne is able to dodge all of it. This episode sounds great! Probably because they aren’t worrying about stealing a pokemon for a really pointless reason

Then, he draws a skull and wlrst over her picture! Bulbasaur does the same appeal it practiced on the boat. The audience continues to laugh, and Harley continues to taunt her. S8 Episode 10 Where’s Armaldo? GaiashNov 18, As Max sits in the audience, wondering what’s going on, the voice over the loudspeakers tells an embarrassing story about May. As the leaves fly through the air, the pokemon slaps them with its Vine Whip attack, impressing the judges.

In the auditorium, Brock seems worried, as he believes that Harley will be a difficult person to beat.

As the group worries, Max and Harley come running down the hall. The final Coordinator is contestant 30, Harley. Retrieved from ” https: The others say that Izabe Island is a big place, so everyone cor that they should do some sightseeing for a bit. May thanks him and heads off, but then we see Harley giggle to himself and stick out his tongue. Your request could not be completed.


May has a better score, so she is declared the winner! Harley approaches, and May congratulates him on his win. The cactus pokemon is knocked down, and Harley screams out for his dear pokemon.

May decides that she isn’t angry, and she wonders what they should do next. She nervously awaits the announcement of the four finalists, who turn out to be her, Harley, Kent the Surskit trainerand the Azurill trainer.

I hope we see more of him. I never would’ve guessed a coordinator would actually get info from Max to use against May. This episode sounds great! The others say that Izabe Island is a big place, so everyone agrees that they should do some sightseeing for a bit.

She combines Petal Dance and Razor Leaf for a beautiful knock-out blow. Ash calls out to May, giving her focus. So, Ash and the others make their way through a forest to their next destination.

A Cacturne for the Worse

Both of them progress to the next round. Still, Harley offers May some of his homemade cookies. Harley, who’s been watching this match, is upset at her win. Harley said it was to teach her a lesson and mockingly said that if she studied her opponents instead of relying on advice, she would have known better.

As Ash and the others cheer, May proudly holds up her new Ribbon. May decides not to be angry, just as her turn comes up. Scared, she cries for her parents, who are relaxing on fo beach. I like how Harry was “secretly” hating May behind her back 1 more Ribbon to go, I’m actually hoping she’s gonna lose her next one unless the writers don’t rush Ash to get his final badge. However when May has to cadturne the trainer, she finds the trainer is intent on beating May’s Bulbasaur with her Cacturne.


Cacturne is able to dodge all of it.

In the next round, May faces off against Harley, and she’s doing well with a strong combo of Vine Whip and Tackle. Jessie wants to make Pokeblocks from the Berries and sell them to the coordinators at the Izabe Contest. Harley and Cacturne can now advance to the final stage. Well, we now see them running a giant Pokeblock cacrurne with dozens of customers at once.

Meowth and James give up, saying that what they’re doing is impossible, but Jessie yells at them and tells them that they don’t have much time before the Contest starts. May eventually recovers enough to claim victory. His score lowers, so he decides to deploy his secret weapon, pushing a button on a small remote in his pocket.

Episode – A Cacturne for the Worse!!

DogasuNov 18, But I think that if anyone was to travel around as long together as the gang have, then they would become closer. May asks Harley why he gave her that bad advice, and Harley admits how much he doesn’t like her.

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