Minho quickly squatted and hid behind Yuri. As she was about to pull out of the parking lot to drive away with her loot, the TVXQ duo just happened to step out their van, sleepy from their early schedules. I feel her heart beating erratically. She burst into the Soshi dorm only to find none of the girls at home. That was a really tiring day; we had to do the whole scene again and again. Still, Yuri had a pretty good idea of who was sharing Minyoung’s bed. Jessica did manage to round up the F x girls when she was able to lasso her sister Krystal, after lulling her into a sense of security.

Sica sat up in front of the TV to wait for me. I hear her land with a thud on the floor and watch her back as she dashes to the bathroom slamming the door behind her. I look down at Tiffany’s face to judge her reaction. As she was not one of Soshi’s strongest drinkers, this meant that even a splash of the hard drink would go straight to her head. They welcomed the fair faced flower boy with open arms. Reconciliation and Separation Fanfiction of Kpop Taeny , Yulsic and many others Fanfiction.

My breathing became fast and shallow and it didn’t help that Tiffany’s thigh was between my legs, pressing up against my sensitive area. Yulsic Strikes Again Jessica’s garage and driveway were packed with vehicles, bumper to bumper, facing one direction. I hear Taeyeon draw in a drsma breath, thighs squeezing together tightly to prevent my knee from moving. She burst into the Soshi dorm only to find none of the girls at home.

More fired up than ever, they challenged each other to a fart-box tournament.

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I open my eyes and am met with gulsic top of Tiffany’s head, her hair splayed out and covering most of my face while she uses my arm as a pillow and has her face buried into the crook of my neck. The little punk who never failed to make goo-goo eyes at her Sica was getting a card that was devoid of any pink foam hearts so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding whatsoever, lest the scrawny kid mistake a simple thank you note for a romantic confession.


I held my breath and ran my hand dfama and down her thigh twice and then come to rest on her abdomen, feeling the rise and fall movements of her breathing. It seemed like the maknae was lecturing someone on alcohol intoxication.

Just In All Stories: Jessica had called TaecYeon yklsic invite him to the party, so along the way they picked up the 2PM boys in Yoona’s car, and the 2AM boys in Seohyun’s truck. After the fourth number, Tiffany picked up. The Hidden Kim Taeyeon 4. Yesung was having a difficult time distinguishing which hand held the mic, yulsiic he constantly sang to his beer bottle.

Jessica’s distinct giggles could be heard over the laughter and scattered clapping.

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All is ficc in the apartment for the next couple of minutes. She smiled widely, shyly greeting everyone, but her eyes darted around the room trying to spot Jessica. As she was about to pull out of the parking lot to drive away with her loot, the TVXQ duo just happened to step out their van, sleepy from their yulslc schedules. Thank god I still the sense to run out before things really did start getting heated.

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Reconciliation and Separation I could feel my body heating up and my breathing became irregular as Tiffany stirred and grazed against my area, the friction sending my hormones into a state of frenzy. V I wake to something tickling my drrama. Pinching at lightning speed, the startled shouts of the abused butts’ owners, mimicked a choir practicing the sol-fa syllables. Hyoyeon drove around SM Entertainment’s building and bagged a few hapless wandering people.

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Sulli wouldn’t let go of Krystal, Vic-omma of course tried to rescue her captured daughters, Luna tried to help Victoria, while Amber the llama cheerfully trotted along thinking dramx was a game. Of course, if the notes were handmade then they would be better. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Yuri often had the most skin-baring costumes, being the designated member in taking care of Soshi’s sexiness. Fix calm steady voice cut through the rowdy din. Yuri was ushered into a chic sitting room. Whoever was holding the mic had jumped the song’s cue by a lot.

He held her close so that they could squeeze into the photo with Heechul and Yesung, who jumped in at the last minute. She was speaking rapidly, before she was cut off by several voices. Why do you think Jess did the things she did?


She fished out her phone from her pocket and began to speed dial each member. Two of the Royal Family ‘husbands’ were running amok. The Ims don’t get drunk! Yuri’s head jerked back when the loud mushroom’s voice boomed crystal clear when the line connected.

Behind the disheveled yuslic, a figure emerged from the bedroom, and peeked into the hallway. She jumped in head first when the IY cast started to argue on which season was better.

Oh she’s in the playroom doing karaoke with Onew and Donghae. In the end, all of them were stuffed into the car and driven away.

She bullied her wingmen or former roommatesHyoyeon and Sooyoung, to do the same. Cho sang Fanfict Welcome to my world.

My hand dives underneath the blanket again, my index finger hesitantly contacts her thigh. Yuri was eating her third bowl of ddukbokki, and she wasn’t even halfway through the pot. Yuri halted at the sight of Donghae and Onew carrying a squealing Sica sideways. Too Good To Be True I bet you told Jess how your oppas were so nice, helpful, and kind, am I right?

Jessica merely had to utter one word: They had decided to move their dance battle upstairs, as the playroom had more superior sound equipment, plus yulsicc lights. Intent on finding her absent girlfriend, missing her terribly and feeling alone despite the abundance of friends present in Jessica’s house, Yuri craned her neck over the bobbing heads and the glasses raised in yulwic.

Her usually boundless patience was nearing its end. Man, it was a really funny story too. I remove my hands from Tiffany’s stomach and lift the covers up to look underneath. I must applaud my self-control.